May 9th, 2003

Kate Hudson - Lady

Everything's coming up roses!

Woo! I have bought my ticket for the Waa-Mu show on Sunday! Yay!!!

Tonight is Courtyard Jam!!! Yay!

This was my last Friday in high school ever. YAY!!!

It's 85°F outside. And we had a 30 minute fire drill today. YAY!!!

It's cheerful. Now I must call Mary and see if she can do my hair/make-up for prom. (If I do stuff the cheap way, I might be able to use the money mommy might give me toward helping pay for the limo.) I already called to confirm my doctor's appointment for Monday night (I'm waiting for the call back). And I still need to set up an appointment to get a physical and my shots for college.

BUT now? PARK!!!!

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