May 8th, 2003

Candle in the Wind

Who is the girl in this rusty bed? Why am I back in a filthy room?

Today was a day.

Prom issues up the ying-yang. The group is up to 28 people. And some guys are being stingy and not wanting to go for a limo. I've put my foot down as to say that I am not driving to prom in a mini van. It's just not going to happen.

*sigh* So apparently we're meeting on Saturday at Rob's to plan it.

I'm also supposed to go prom dress shopping with Zoe on that day.

And sometime this weekend I need to go see the Northwestern Waa-Mu Variety Show. In my spare time, perhaps on Sunday.

A lot of today was spent talking about the hazing at Glenbrook North High School. The entire 42 minute English class, as well as the last 10 minutes of Foreign Policy. After class though, Sara, Jordan and I stayed through the entire next period to talk to Kaplan about it.

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Tonight for dinner, I met with Zoe, Caitlin, Mulder, and Patty at Chipotle. It turns out that Charlie and his mommy were there too, so we sexregated ourselves...boys with Charlie's mom, and the three girls on our own.

But it was good. And talking was nice.

Then, Zoe and I went to the library to rent a movie (Go) and meet Rob back at my house to watch it. It was SO good. And about a half hour into it, Charlie came over unexpected.

Good times.

Prom is a mess. Still. Always. Whatever, the guys are planning on Saturday. I should just be happy with whatever they decide. \

Zoe and Charlie left around 11 and I finished revising my Econ paper. The 10-page Paper of Doom has been printed out, to the dismay of my printer. ;-)

And now, I need to get ready for bed. And then actually go to bed.
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