May 7th, 2003

Alanis - Unsexy

It's easy to forget, yeah. When you choke on the regrets, yeah.

Happy Birthday, Kino!!!
I hope your day is filled with sparkly goodness.

School was boring. In English, Carl came in to do this interview thing, so that was pretty cool. And during my Theatre 1,2 class, Eric was teaching the kids tech stuff. Yay. And I was doing some kick-ass arguing during Economics today. Woo!

And that's it. I'm home and tired.

But I have to keep working on that damned paper. Must get at least a rough draft out tonight, so that maybe I can have him look it over. Eh, he probably won't have time. Oh well. I should get it done anyway.

Exciting, huh?
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The word is we must be out by dawn

Taking a break from the paper for dinner and to take the purity test that's in Zack's journal. I was upsettingly pure, so I'm not bothering to post.

Urg. The paper is not going as well as it did last night. This is annoying. Boo.
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You've played the day away and soon it will be night

I finished!!!

Just about...

My 10-page Economics Philosophy paper is done and just waiting to be revised and for me to fix this one section. And it will be all pretty and perfect for Friday. Honestly, I think this is one of the best paper's I've ever written.

No other homework tonight (that's a lie...I already finished all my other homework for tonight), so I'm getting to bed "early."

It's actually the usual time, but oh well. Maybe I'll stop being so damn tired all the time.

11 Days of School Left. But it's not like I'm counting or anything...
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(no subject)

I apologize to all those Les Miserables elitists out there (which there are a lot of, as evidence from from customer reviews at, but Colm Wilkinson is the worst Valjean I've ever heard.

He has a fucking Scottish accent, dude. English is okay, French would be good...but Scottish? Like...DEEP Sean Connery Scottish. Which is not Valjean.

And I know because I've heard several. I've seen the show twice, I have one version of the CD and have another version downloaded.

On a related note, Philip Quast is the best Javert EVER. He's amazing.

Note the irony of me complaining about Les Mis elitists and then essentially doing the same. ;-)
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