April 27th, 2003

Pink - Not your kind of girl

Can you roll down the window? Can I have a cigarette?

Sooooooo tired.

It's been such a long day. Tech feels like forever ago.

I mentioned tonight that Dance Show had been this week and everyone was like "uh...whoa." It's been months since Tuesday.

Chili's was good. My salad ended up being pretty crappy, but oh well. Amanda asked Gatto which was good. And he, of course, accepted. I think Zoe and I are the only ones in the group without current official dates. I thought Zack was supposed to be asking sometime this week, but that's over now, so I don't know. And Zoe is still a problem. :-(

Anyway, after dinner, I suggested Ultimate Frisbee at a park. Which turned out to be cold, hurtful to full tummies, but lots of good fun. For a while, Gatto called a truce, and at one minutes, actually professed his love for me. And then I missed catching the frisbee a couple seconds later and he said that he took it back and that I sucked.

We all went to Zack's around dusk and watched Family Guy. Candace and I had to leave early because of crew. But I still have an unhealthy love for his cats. ;-) They are just too damn cute!

Our "wood-elves" session went pretty well. I guess we got a lot accomplished, and the past stage is now better. The risers are up and the curtain was fixed for the back drop and there was some other stuff done as well.

We ended around 1, and stayed around talking for another 45 minutes. It was good, but I was really tired and I don't think I was very coherent.

And really? I've had a really busy day and I haven't gotten a chance to rest at all. So I'm going to put on pajamas and crash in about 2.7 seconds.

Ah, I'm hungry. Silly eating dinner over 7 and a half hours ago...
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Wish it were Sunday, cause that's my fun day


My monitor seems to have died.

When I turn it on, it makes some crackling sounds and then a VERY LOUD POP! Obviously it displays nothing and I fear it's the display that has blown. This would imply needing a new monitor or taking it to someone who knows how to fix things like that.

I tried to hook up an old monitor that we had lying around (which I wasn't sure was in working order, though I somewhat assumed that it was...) and it did a little bit of crackling, but then displayed a very scrambled image that could only be assumed to be the desktop because of the Internet Explorer icon making a blue line near the top.

I don't know what to do about this...but PLEASE! If you have any suggestions, or know someone who would, leave a comment or email me.

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And everybody was feeling the DJ. What more do I have to say?

I'm so tired!


But! I "fixed" the monitor. I just unplugged everything, let it rest for a while, and replugged in everything. It works and now I'm going to just turn off the monitor every time I'm finished using it instead of leaving it on for months at a time. And I was wondering why it would die.


Other than that, it's been a pretty boring day. Ran to Target to pick up eyeliner and shave gel. Got soup from Panera for lunch. Now I'm home and working on homework. Yuck.

Mama's making hot dogs, brats and hamburgers on the Weber for dinner. Yuuuuummmmmyyyy!
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You walk before me, you notice I can't follow. You walk behind me and I don't think I can't lead

This is the greatest "I feel lost" song ever. Granted, I don't really feel lost so much right now. But I had to post that.

I finished my Econ homework. I'm close to being done with my Dance Critique. Then I have a stupid English outline to do. Blah. Oh well. At least we aren't doing that damn Senior Project interview and paper thing...I don't think.

I'm around. Email me. IM me. Distract me with comments. I'm bored.
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Drop me in the ocean and paint me blue

Eck. For the past 2-ish hours, I've been distracting myself from my paper. I'm so close to finishing with the Dance Critique.

But I still have my English outline to do. BUT! I realized that it's essentially Death of a Salesman, which is what I'll probably connect it to.

But I'm talking books and Robin Hood with dantana and macs and other computer-ish stuff with Patty. :-)
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