April 23rd, 2003


I want to give up and get things wrong.

I need to get 10+ hours of sleep more often. It feels SO good.

And I'm only up this early because my alarm is DEMONIC and despite being set for 11:45, it decided to go off at 10:22. WTF?

I don't have to leave until about 12:45. So I basically have 2 hours.

In those two hours, I must:
- shower (and get dressed/ready for the day)
- eat lunch
- do two very easy Econ homework assignments

I also have to keep working on my senior will. I keep remembering things to add, and having to find ways to delete spaces and unimportant words, because 1000 characters just isn't enough. :-p And I still don't know what to will Nikki or Ali. And I forgot what I was willing Mulder. Damn.

Anywho...I'm going to go shower and find lunch. Then I'll be 2/3 of the way done with my list!
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Kate Hudson - Lady

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I just took the Hottest Shower Ever™.

It felt SOOOOOOOO good!

The rest of the house is very cold, but my skin feels excellent.
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Kate Hudson - Lady

My love, you know that you're my best friend. You know that I'd do anything for you.


Today has been awesome.

After my uber hot shower, I got a phone call from Candace. She and Goldy had EB and 1st free today as well, so she wanted to go to lunch. The three of us went to Panera around noon.

NOTE TO SELF: Don't go to Panera at noon. It's a frickin' mad house!

But it was yummy! And I got good soup.

Then we came back to my house for a bit while I finished my econ homework. O:-) And we all left for school a little before 1pm.

Econ at 1:08 was fun. Being awake is good, and we are talking about some really interesting topics. This unit is all about where on the political spectrum you fall. In the economic sense...I'm pretty much directly on the border of Democrat and Republican, and leaning toward Republican.

Eek! But I suppose morally, I'm still too liberal to be considered anything that would do with Republican. And I live in a wealthy area, so that all plays a role.

Then Company. No juniors or Carl today...so we had a fun day of preparing for tech. I put together a desk with the "help" of a couple others. O:-) Another group assembled a kitchen rack. And we just hung around and listened to music. 'Twas fun.

And then I was done. At 2:37 the bell rang and I was finished with school for today.

Rock the fuck on!

Tech for the Spring Play starts today, but I'm not called until 4:15! Woo! Then I'll probably be there until 9 though. Party on.

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!
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Candle in the Wind

You can say forever, but we both know that it won't change a thing

The rest of today was alright.

For the first hour or so of tech, the cast helped the crew in the striking of the dance show (taking up the floor, getting rid of the trees/side light, etc) and setting up for Spring Play. Then cast had a run-through.

First the past did an Italian blitz of lines (big, lots of energy, over the top, big choices, larger-than-life) and we got up a lot of energy...which was good, because that's what we need. But when we went to do our part of the rehearsal...I don't know. Carl said we took a major step forward, but we kept rushing things. We had our pace up, but we're speeding through lines, and we can't do that, or we can't be understood. And diction is an issue as well.

*sigh* I feel like it sucked. But I might just be hard on us.

We ended at 8, and after talking a bit with Carl and Carly (Schoey), I left and got home at 8:30.

Things currently on my mind:
- Who can I trust?
- I got my hopes up by being so happy the past couple days. URG!!
- I need to finish my Senior Will
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