April 7th, 2003


I just called to say I love you...come back home

Ahhh! I can't sleep!

I'm tired enough. But for the past 3 (or 4?) days, I've been up until 3:30. I'm not used to going to bed early!

But I have school in the morning. That's right kids. Spring break is over. I'm almost glad, because over all, the bad outweighed the good...though the good was really good.

Eh, whatever. Point being...I have school in 7 hours. Ha ha ha...no.

Today, I think I earned the "Best Aunt of the Year" Award. Not only did I take the children (both of them) out to lunch at the Olive Garden (quality!)...but after ward I took them to Barnes & Noble and let them pick out books. Zoe got 2 (Judy Moody?) because I still owe her from her birthday. And she's been a stickler at holding me to it! Hell hath no fury like a 7-year-old waiting on birthday gifts. And Michael got 1 for the hell of it...cause I'm a kick ass aunt. And really...that's just rude and unfair. I actually feel badly that I didn't let him pick out two...but I spend $20 on the books, so I'm not feeling that bad.

Yes. I rock the house. Big time.

Also, we went to Rob's tonight. Everyone was so tired, we were practically falling asleep. We were kicked out at 9:45, cause Rob was too tired. Hee hee. It was cute. Of the not so good...there were people I don't enjoy much there...but I just talked with Zoe and Zack for most of the night, and Garvey for a little bit. I'm hoping he isn't mad at me for any irrational reason...so I'm trying to win him over with kindness. He's just been feeling kinda cold recently. :-\

Zoe came home with me, though, so we watched the first hour+ of Thelma and Louise. Up until after Brad Pitt (mmm...) and after they rob the store. Then I took her home and I've been sitting around here for the past couple hours. That's when I talked to Amanda (as in the previous post) and what-not.

Overall, today was a nice ending to break. I feel good. But tired. So I'm going to try that sleep thing again.

My mind is racing, but my eyes say "close me!"

Oh! And I brought back this icon. Britney = fairy. Pretty!
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So though I never say that "I love you", I love you, darling I do. Carly I do love you

I did NOT just wake up to 3 inches of snow on the ground! It looks like a blizzard out there!


It's April 7th, dammit!

In other news, I've been refusing to wear my jacket since it broke 70 two weeks ago. So despite it being 30 for the past few days...I've been going without.

I might have to wear it today. :-p

*sigh* I'm tired. And I have school. Ick.
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Did you know, could you tell, you were the only one that I ever loved?

I must eat before I:
a) pass out.
b) throw up.
c) my head explodes.

All three of these are very possible.

God, I feel like shit. And this "Gail feels like she's going to pass out twice in the span of 3 days" is a little concerning.

Too much stress? Not enough sleep? Yeah...something like that.

Doctor's appointment tonight. Blarg.

Did you know, when you go,
It's the perfect ending,
To the bad day I was just beginning?
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(no subject)

Ugh! I almost forgot...

Happy Birthday, Deana!

I hope your day was fabulous! :-*

It is also my friend Garvey's birthday. I didn't see him all day to tell him "happy birthday". I should IM him...
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So you sailed away into a gray sky morning

I'm so tired, I swear I'm not even making sense anymore.

Rob and I are having a cracktastic conversation. Neither of us is mentally here enough to understand what we are saying, and it probably sounds really funny.

Patty likes my site. [Mmm...whoring my website...] Yay! But he's bugging me to actually fix the things that the site says needs work.

And I'm SO tired. I'm going loopy, I swear. I'm going to fall over soon.
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