April 5th, 2003


But we never did too much talking anyway

Wow. I'm up too late.

But tonight was good. Cici brought me some AMAZING baked mosticcoli for dinner. Best ever. Ferrentino's rocks so hard.

And then! Just when Patty and I were thinking that we had no where to go and no one to hang out with! Zack calls saying that he and Sara were ditched...and then Rob called! So we all ended up at Rob's...as usual.

Yay! We played Taboo for a very, VERY long time. But it was fun.

And finally...I have started to work on a website. So far very basic, I'm just messing with what HTML I know...plus a little of what Yahoo! Geocities provides. And FrontPage sucks ass, so I'm using that very little.

And if you'd like to check it out, you can here. It's the same color scheme that I created yesterday for my journal. And I was messing with tables and linking and such.

I'm actually pretty impressed...considering it is a first attempt and I've never used HTML outside of journal entries. So boo-yah.

AND NOW! Gail has been up for too long and needs to wake up in 5 and a half hours to go to the bank with Mama...and then go to a lot of crew. Boo!
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Alanis - Unsexy

I cannot help it. Couldn't stop it if I tried.

Well, I went to bed at 3...up at 8:15.

Wow, this cannot happen on a normal basis. I'm so tired, I can't feel my head.

But I'm showered. And ready to hit the bank before going to crew.

So where is this so-called "mother" that I'm waiting around for? Bah!
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Coming down the world turned over, and angels fall without you there

Today has been shit-tastic.

Got my checking account - of the good.

Took a fucking hour and a half - of the bad.

Arrived late to crew (10:30 instead of 10) - of the bad.

No one else was there (other than Eric) - of the okay? We sat around and didn't do any "real" work until Pat and Charlie came at 11:30.

Haven't eaten since last night - of the bad.

Got only 5 hours of sleep - of the bad.

Felt like I was going to pass out ALL DAY today - of the very bad.

I'm now home though. And debating whether sleep or food is more important. I don't know if I can make it through eating without sleep. I feel like I'm going to throw up anyhow.

God, my head hurts so much.
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I laid down to take a nap at 5.

Apparently I was exhausted, because I slept for over 2 and a half hours.

And when I woke up...everyone was gone!

They are all playing capture the flag, apparently, and Becca tells me they are at Garvey's. Must call over and get myself invited, assuming they are still there.

So yeah. Unless I find them all, I have no plans for tonight. And it's my last real night without school to come after.


Spring Break is so close to ending!

Oh! And I did more website work. If anyone cares...you can go to either check out the "index" page or the "three column" page. I'm not sure which will ultimately be my homepage, but I'm still messing around with formatting and learning some new HTML and CSS stuff. So yay. Check those out, give me feedback!
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And nothing is taken or torn from you

Ah, feck.

A) the fucking putzs that I tend to call "friends" never called me back. And I'm fairly certain that Garvey got the IM I sent..because his computer went off idle for a while.

B) If this has anything to do with the ho-bag formerly known as friend-of-7-years, I might have to pluck her eyes out.

C) I was trying to format my site with a blog-ish thing. Wasn't working. My geocities one doesn't have ftp unless I pay. And the ATTBI site just sucks ass. I finally figured out how to:
- get rid of the stupid templates they force you to use
- create a page using HTML on their really bad site
- how to go about using their FTP shit
AND IT DIDN'T FUCKING WORK! AT&T sucks...I'm so glad Comcast is moving in. If Comcast sucks more, I'll have to pluck my eyes out.

Oh, and in case you didn't notice...I'm not in a very good mood right now.
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