April 3rd, 2003


Just give me many chances, I'll see you through it all. Just give me time to learn to crawl

First off...my sister has gone missing. She hasn't updated her journal in almost two weeks, and since she started her new job, I haven't really heard from her. I saw her last Saturday at the move, but other than that...I've lost her. :-(

Second...it took me over 10 hours on three separate occasions, but I rocked the house playing Bookwork (a Boggle-like game available from Yahoo!) and got a 580,440. I'm amazing.

Tomorrow I must devote to learning my lines for the Spring Play and opening a checking account. Maybe if I say these things enough, I might work up the ambition to actually do it.

I should get to sleep. Must end today. It's about time.
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He said "Take my hand. Live while you can."

It's sad being gone from the house for nearly 11 hours, and returning home to not one email, or any important IMs.

Oh, and Zack...the site is mobilesmarts.com. And not that that wasn't important, but...

So at 1:30-ish, Rob says that we are going to Chipotle for dinner...so I meet him, Pat and Garvey. And it was good. And then we went back to Phatty's. Charlie came over. There was Halo action until little-brother Petey stole the X-Box for his room. Then we watched Enemy of the State. Damn Will Smith is fucking hot. There was some pool playing, ping pong...lots of ping pong..., computer stuff. A yummy homemade dinner by Pat's mom. Brunk had come over at that point, and after dinner they were playing some 4 person chess game...bug something? We watched the Daily Show, Emeril Live and some other Food Network show until 11:30.

Basically...it was Gail...out all day with 4-6 boys. And it was good. Silly geeky boys. I loveses them all.

And now I'm home. And a bit tired. Kitty is being crazy and lovey all at the same time. I have a hair appointment tomorrow at 3 (shortening and lightening! Whee!) and I didn't go to the bank.

I think I'll ask Mommy to take me Saturday...it's probably smart to bring a responsible adult with credit with. Just because.

Wow. I'm so exciting.
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