April 1st, 2003

Kate Hudson - Lady

I keep living this day like the next will never come

So some interesting turn of events. I ended up talking a lot to Becca (Jason's younger sister), first about her boy problems, then a bit about my boy problems, and about Jason, and the silliness of girls, and the fact that many of my girl friends just suck for reasons like they can't keep secrets and get irrationally angry at others. Many laughs, and it was good. She's terribly sweet and like Jason, I trust her a lot with no basis on which to do so.

And that encouraged me to write an email to Lewis...who I haven't seen since winter break, and I haven't really talked to since the beginning of last summer when things were rather...um...sketchy. I told Becca how it was frustrating that he and I were pretty good friends, and that now we basically don't speak at all. So I dropped him a little note, asking how things are going. And maybe if he responds well to it, I can email him back about stuff going on here, and maybe I can get back that friendship. And if not, at least I'll know that I tried.

So it was interesting. The conversation, and the email. And it makes me feel really good about things. Well...sort of. Prom is still going to be messed up, but whatever. I can't expect the world to play out as it does in my head. And all I can really do is wish on stars and hope that my prince comes to take me away someday. ;-)
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I am getting so hot, I'm gonna take my clothes off

Sleep is so good. Mmm...

Today I have to call Zoe so that she and I can plan our road trip. Woo! This summer, we are driving out to Montana, via everywhere. I've never been west (aside from the chorus trip to LA last year...which doesn't really count as "west") and Zoe really wants to go to Montana.

I also should get my ass to the bank and open a checking account. So that I have money. Because right now? $0 in my wallet. I hate that SO much. I always have at least one lonely little dollar, but this time...it's empty.

Also, Rob told me to call him if I wanted to do stuff later. Which means that for once his girlfriend isn't dictating his life. [Alright...that was rude and unfair of me. But yesterday he disappeared off the face of the planet and we could only assume it was to be with Lizzie.]

So I'm up, and needing to pee and eat. Mmm...animal instincts.
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