March 19th, 2003


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I now have a headache.

And my eyeliner smeared down my face.

And I'm cranky and irritable because I think I have an ear infection.

And I don't want to go to school tomorrow after two days out of classes.

Stupid mommy.

This just cements the facts that I need to go get drunk off my ass.
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And while I'm on my soap box of rage, can I ask you fuckers who believe that opposing the war is anti-American...what is more American than using your First Amendment right--freedom of speech--to oppose the ideas of your government without persecution?

Seriously. Somebody needs to go read up on the Revolutionary War and why it was that we wanted freedom from England.**

**For those that either don't know or are too lazy to remember...we wanted freedom from the persecution people faced for their beliefs. Huh. Sound familiar?
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Only thing to do is jump over the moon

Gacked from the lovely dantana:

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I read the Michael Moore letter to the president, and didn't find it overly impressive with it's somewhat exaggerated facts and crude ultra-liberalism.

But the article above I can most definitely get behind, and it actually makes the point that I've been trying to get across recently.

"To me, the idea of not being able to say something is not the American way. Dissent is one of our great freedoms."
Of course, Adler is entitled to his opinion. But there's no greater perversion of free speech than to use it to delegitimize other voices.
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