March 6th, 2003


Broccoli, celery, gotta be...vegitales!

So I have these little Dove Promises candies (thanks to Zack) and each of them has a little "fortune" type phrase inside. Much like a fortune cookie, but less prophesying and more chocolate loving.

Last night after the show, I got one that said "Go easy on yourself." It apparently knew that I had run a crappy show and was kinda beating myself up for it.

Tonight ran fine. I can improve. So can sound and all other aspects, but all things considered? It was a good run. We needed more energy.

ANYWAY! The point of the story is that I had another piece of chocolate just now that said "Life. Joy. Chocolate."

Apparently I need to get my priorities in order. ;-) I must find me some lively, joyful forms of stress relief before going straight to chocolate!

And now, I have a ton of homework to do, a shower to take and sleep to get. Oh joy of joys.
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