February 24th, 2003

Alanis - Unsexy

You found me passed out in the yard again

Zack is my hero. He just came over to bring me chocolate and make me laugh since I'm very much stressed out right now. Yay! He's fantabulous.

In other news...today was okay.

All-day field trip went well. Carl said we have a lot to go off of to make a solid script. And I had a truly kick-ass scene with Ross. I won and argument and helped to shape one of the characters into something compelling, instead of a ditz. Go me.

Crew was fine. We were writing in and creating light cues. I helped out a lot because Eric hasn't had time to see rehearsals. Made me feel all important and stuff. Also had a few laughs. Hung around for about an hour after crew, then had to leave.

Had a doctor's appointment tonight. Blarg. Talked about college a lot. And mommy and daddy's much failed marriage. As usual. God, I wish I could talk about something else...it just makes me cry a lot. Boo.

And I'm still pretty stressed out...though the chocolate helped BIG TIME. I'm significantly more relaxed now than I was a bit ago. So the thing to do now is accept that I'm going to be up late, but on a good CD (I've been in a major Sarah McLachlan mood lately..."Mirrorball" is an awesome CD) and work my ass off until it's all done.

Things I absolutely must finish tonight or I'm screwed:
- Nothing. Because seriously? Nothing is that important. It's SCHOOL dammit...I'm not going to flunk out because I turned in a paper a day late.

Things I really should finish tonight:
- AFP Diaries. Almost there...two more articles to go.
- Dance paper. Erg. I'm almost done?

Things I should do tonight, though they may be pushed to tomorrow if I run very short on time:
- English Satire
- English reading
- Dance presentation/poster

I just need to remember to take deep breaths and relax. All will be good, well and fine.
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