February 21st, 2003


Here you come knockin’ on my door baby, tell me what you got on your mind


I was at school for 15 straight hours. Dear god.

It was fine. I have no classes on Monday, because of my all-day theatre field trip. So I'm not as horribly pressed for time to do homework in as usual.

But Monday starts tech for the musical...so I'll be at school until at least 9 most nights for two and a half weeks. *falls over*

Jam For Justice went really well though. The bands were all great (especially Peter and Zack!!) and I think we raised a lot of money. It's going to a good cause (the ACLU). So yay. And I was only accosted once (dirty Republicans...especially those named "Hilary").

Finished shutting down and came home by 11. I took a shower and socialized a bit with Mama, Fayanne and Brad (who are up for Zoe's birthday party tomorrow).

Now I have to get to bed. Because I have to wake up at 3:30am. Yes, that's right. 3 and a half hours from now, I have to be up and ready to go to Indiana for a college visit. @#*$&(@*#!!!

I need sleep. Excuse me please.
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