February 18th, 2003


I'm already there, take a look around. I'm the sunshine in your hair, I'm the shadow on the ground

Today I proclaimed myself to be temporarily ADD. I could not concentrate on anything and my attention span was about a long as a flea's.

But, in better news...

I woke up at 6:45 this morning, a half-hour before my alarm. Why is this good? It gave me a chance to shower and finish my Foreign Policy paper (both of which got the shaft when I collapsed of exhaustion last night).

I even got to school earlier than normal, so I did a little (emphasis on the "little") studying for Econ. I made up the test during 7th period, and it wasn't too horrible. I'm hoping he'll grade it kindly. He likes me anyway.

Apparently I should be about 100 pages in on my English reading book. HA! I read about 20 over the weekend. I was in New Orleans for god's sake!

Crew was canceled today because Eric is sick. A day home! Just what I needed!

Might try to get people to get dinner a little later. It's very possibly that two of my friends broke up today (he said he would), so I should take her out and make her not so mopey. Perhaps I'll play dumb and act like I didn't expect it. Or that I "saw it coming" but not as though I knew he's been planning to do it for at least a week already.

And that's my fun and exciting life. New Orleans pictures still not working. Maybe when Becca restarts the computer...
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    I'm Already There - Lone Star (in head)

I wished that I could fly away, instead of kneeling in the sand catching teardrops in my hand

Went to Best Buy with Candace.

Bought My Big Fat Greek Wedding on DVD and the Norah Jones CD "Come Away With Me". It was between that, "Any Given Tuesday" and the Vanessa Carlton CD. I decided against John Mayer, because I have all the songs in one form or another...though I'll probably get it anyway. And I flipped a coin between the other two. Literally, I pulled out a penny and flipped.

Norah won. Yay jazz-ish-ness.

Now, I'm going to do some homework...probably read to my new CD. At 8-ish, I have to take Zoe up to Cici's apartment.

When's dinner?
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