February 8th, 2003

Alanis - Unsexy

I really need someone to talk to and nobody else knows how to comfort me tonight

I can't list all the things that contributed to me waking up at 7:45 on a Saturday, because there are too many.

But as a start, Mama doing laundry (which is RIGHT next to my room), and in the process, turning on ALL THE LIGHTS IN THE WORLD to do so. And Daddy fixing the couch using hammers and drills and now it sounds like clanging metal against metal.


I didn't have to be up until about 10:45. :-(

But now I'm up. So I'll read some more. I think I'll be doing a lot of reading today. I have crew from 12-2:30, but then after that, I'm not going anywhere (I don't think) until about 11 when I meet folks up for post-dance party. Opa. I'll be sleeping at Candace's tonight.

And now, we read.
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    Home Again - Carole King (in head)

Won't you take me by the hand, take me somewhere new

I've read so much of Goblet of Fire in the past two days, I'm about ready to burst. It's fun and adorable though. Yay!

And I finished my Economics homework for the weekend. And I did half of my Foreign Policy project already.

And the parents ordered Chinese for dinner. Yum!

And Mama took me shopping. I got a new pair of nice black pants, a black sweater, and a very dark blue navy shirt. I'll be wearing the navy shirt with my black pants with tiny blue pinstripes tomorrow for the 6 hour wake. Monday, I'll wear the new plain black pants with plain black sweater for the funeral and the meal thing afterward.

/depressing talk of death

Soon, Zoe or Candace should be calling to tell me that they are on their way back to Candace's. I'll be going over there to sleep over with the folks in their group. Opa.

Despite the fact that I spent a LARGE majority of today either alone or with family members, and that I was doing homework and had to sit through play practice this morning...it's been a fairly good Turnabout. Much better, I think, than if I had attempted to go to the dance. Blech!
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