February 1st, 2003


And on the telephone, you offer reassurance. I will not take these things for granted

I'm speechless about the Columbia. We heard about it coming back from the lunch break during crew. When I got home, Daddy asked if I had heard about it and said that there were no survivors. *sigh*

And apparently my uncle isn't doing well. Mama told me that this morning. I didn't think he would be. I'm pretty sure he's reaching the end. I don't care much for the man...he's a horrible person that I wish I weren't related to...but it scares me that he's the first of my parents' generation to hit that point.

They say bad things always come in threes...

My cousin Lisa is also not doing well. The surgery left her almost completely unable to breathe and she's had some serious complications. And she's still so young. It kills me.

My cousin-in-law's father also passed away a couple days ago. His wake is tomorrow, though he's far enough removed so that I don't have to go. And for that I am glad.

At crew, I strained my back, or did something to fuck it up...because it hurts pretty badly. And we did a lot of hard work today. And didn't get a fraction of the numbers we were supposed to. And I was the only Stage Manager there. As far as I'm concerned...there really only needs to be one anyhow.

I'm tired again. Always so tired. What's wrong with me?

On a slightly lighter note,
I'm an apparently intelligent, liberal, not-too-generous, not-too-selfish, relatively well adjusted human being!
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And reaches for his arm, but she'll just keep reachin' on

Someone took the compatibility quiz for me but was silly and left out their email. Congrats on being 88% compatible with me, whoever you are.

I'm very mellow and tired. What's new there, eh?

So now I'm going to read (either The Sun Also Rises or HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban) until I get really sleepy and then...well...sleep.

He's a wrong kinda paradise
She's gonna know it in a matter of time
That boy's just a walkaway Joe
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