January 19th, 2003


The morning rain clouds up my window and I can't see the sun

Today was okay.

Crew was fun...though for a lot of it I didn't do much. I was just really tired, so I took the position of "supervising" and wandered aimlessly for a few hours. I was extremely aimless. Maybe a little empty.

After, we went to Chili's for a pseudo dinner. Bottomless tostada chips and water. Mmm...cheap. Candace, Caitlin and I also split a molten chocolate cake thing...and devoured it! Seriously, they timed us (though we didn't know they were) and it took us 1:50 to eat the entire thing. Under two minutes, and we were slowed by laughter and such. It was funny.

After, it was about 5:30, though already dark and it had been snowing on a off for about an hour. So we went to a park where the boys could play frisbee in the snow. Charlie, Pat, Mulder and Vadim played outside in the freezing cold, while Candace, Caitlin, Goldy and I sat in Goldy's warm van for over an hour.

We left around 7 and all came back to my house. It was nice. Nothing overly special, but no regrets for letting people come around. So good.

And now I'm SOOOOO tired (still) and should get to bed. I have to be up "early" for Church in the morning. Fucking a', why did I agree to this?
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My heart's far, far away...home and free

My away message:

I've been a little off lately...perhaps you've noticed? Introspective and quiet, not quite my usual bubbly self?

Yeah, so that's where I am. Insanely pensive and contemplative today. I don't think I know what's up or down anymore...

And if anyone finds home, can you tell me where it is?

Yes, it's long. But oh so true.
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To keep her caged would just delay the spring

Wanted to take a nap today...forgot I agreed to see a movie with Allie and Zoe.

So at 3-ish, I'm being picked up to see The Hours. Opa.

After church this morning, I went to Best Buy. Found both Travis CDs I wanted...The Invisible Band and The Man Who. $26, but I had a $20 gift card from my neighbors. I'm saving the $30 one from my sister for when I can actually find Reality Bites somewhere. *sigh*

I also stopped by Barnes and Noble. Strangely enough, I want Howard Zinn's The People's History of the United States. Vernon Hills only had the hardcover for $35. Hell no! I have a $15 gift card, so I was hoping for the paperback. It's supposedly about $16.20. The abridged version is only $11.70, or something like that...so I could even buy it online...but I don't know if I want abridged (though it does have a prettier cover. And we all know it's about the prettiness of the book). I'll try the Deerfield store...sometime.

And that's my day. Go me.

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So you sailed away into a gray sky morning

So The Hours...

I can't really decide...but I think I didn't like it much.

I think it was a very good movie, but that it definitely fell short in too many places. I wanted more, and it failed to produce.

I did, however, like what it did have. I liked the stories (especially Meryl Streep's) and I liked that each ended/dealt with it in a different manner.

So there.

Oh, and has anyone else noticed that all of my moods lately have been of a tired/exhausted range or a pensive/curious range, and nothing else? Yeah...

But it's not so bad
You're only the best I ever had
You don't want me back
You're just the best I ever had
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Alanis - Unsexy

Isn't anyone trying to find me? Won't somebody come take me home?

Gah, I'm tired.

And I even took a nap from about 6:45 until 8:30 tonight. Oh well.

I am also incredibly bored. Due to a lack of better entertainment, I watched the Golden Globes from the time I woke up until they ended at 10. Then I read The Story of B for the past couple hours...because I haven't picked it up in months.

Eh, it's okay. I'm not really in the mood to read it though. I wish I had found The People's History of the United States today. Maybe I'll make a trip to Barnes and Noble tomorrow. My favorite thing to do on a day off.

Oh, who am I kidding? The next week is just one big day off. It's finals week. We only have to go into school for the 75 minutes our finals testing is. And I have no tests. They were projects. English was turned in last week. Half of APES was turned in last week. All I need to do is write my APES Land Ethic paper and get it in sometime before 2:20 on Wednesday. I HAVE NO SCHOOL. GO ME.

And with that...I'm spent.
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