January 12th, 2003


Let the moment go...don't forget it for a moment, though.

I'm done! And if any of you care to read what a dialogue between Hamlet and Oedipus regarding fate versus freewill might look like, read on!

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Candace liked it. I'm hoping Weatherby does too...

Tomorrow I get to try and change my schedule at arena. *crosses fingers* I want to take dance! I want to drop APES! Please let it happen!!!

I'm hungry. I'm going to search for food.
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You know nothing of madness

I'm going to bed.

Yeah, it's fucking early, but then again...I have to wake up a half hour earlier tomorrow. I have a Student Activities Board meeting at 7:30. Boo.

And I have nothing else to do? No one to talk to? Nothing is ever good on TV (I honestly don't watch it much). And there's just really nothing fun to do around here (meaning the internet).

Now we'll see if my mind can distract itself enough to sleep and dream, or if I'll stare at the ceiling for a few hours.

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