January 1st, 2003


And it hurts to want everything and nothing at the same time

Happy New Year!!!

Much love to you all and I hope your days and nights were fabulous.

And now mine.

I had fun. Things were good. Or at least I think they were.

About an hour into the party, I went up to Allie's room and napped for an hour. Anti-social much? And out of the 20-ish people there, about 7 were definitely people that I didn't want to be there. And then there was the thought "Well, if those two just leave, I could probably deal with the rest of them." But of course, "those two" didn't leave and it ended up making me feel horribly uncomfortable later.

Then it got to be about 11 and we watched the ball drop and waited until 11:45 when Goo Goo Dolls took the stage at House of Blues and rang in the New Year with a televised John Rzeznik and a bunch of confetti, noise makers, and sparking cider. Yum.

Things picked up and I got back to my normal crazy self. We had a lot of fun laughing and watching people do stupid stuff. The guys made a movie (which should be up on John's site later) about girls sounding like chickens when we all talk at once. It's really REALLY funny.

The party started to settle around 3, and by 4 everyone was in pajamas and sleeping bags, sitting around on the floor. At 4:30 the lights went out, and by 5...most of the talking and laughing has stopped and people started sleeping. Collapse )

Went to bed around 6. Woke up at 8...stayed up for a half-hour, went back to bed and work up at 10. 3 and a half hours of sleep. Fun.

We all woke up and had breakfast. There was a lot of tiredness and some more fun and laughing. I ended up getting beaten (hit very hard and violently either on the shoulder or back) about 15-20 times. Most of them were crippling pain, but I suppose it's my fault. Pat hates when I say "ow ow!" to a sexual innuendo and it's trying to get me to stop. So anytime I say it (which is often, as it is second nature to me now), he hits me. And if he can't get to me, then John, Charlie or Jason will do it for me. I suppose I must be taught, but my arms are sore this morning.
[EDIT: Oh, and I think I ROYALLY screwed up my foot when trying to run away from him at a couple points in the night. Dumb bitch, DON'T RUN WITH A FUCKING BROKEN FOOT!!! It hurts a lot. When I woke up in the middle of the night last night, it hurt so badly that I wanted to go home. But I couldn't. Because I was too lazy and for other reasons.]

I decided to leave around 12:15. Surprising to most, I wasn't the last one out. Sillies.

And that's all for my New Year. I don't believe in making resolutions because they only wind up being a disappointment when they don't happen, so. There.
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What you thought was real in life...will somehow steer you wrong

Dreams are strange.

So we were going to Evanston (which wasn't Evanston). And I say "we" in a way that there were an awful lot of people there, but I had gone separately, and there were about 4 groups.

Amanda stole butter from a store, and I accidentally took a bottle of water.

Carly was mad at me for something that I apparently "Know what I did" but I really didn't.

Nikki and Allie were seeing Jason play football, except that he doesn't play football...he's in the marching band.

An old woman tried to steal my purse when I left in on a bench.
"Excuse me, that's my purse."
"No it's not, it's MY purse."
"It's mine. I could tell you the names in that phone and the pictures on that camera..."
"Is it in your car?"
"No, that's MY purse!"
At that point, another woman stepped in to help me pry the old lady's fingers off my purse. She was scary.

We walked past a fruit juice stand and all the slushy flavorings were leaking into the ice/snow stuff that was keeping it cold.

We passed the football awards ceremony, where all the players were in caps and gowns.

Driving home, I nearly ran a red light (or did?) and hit a car in front of me. It was only a minor accident and I had hit people I knew (Carrie Chapman), so we didn't do anything about it. I blamed it on the boot I have to wear on my broken foot.

Then the road started spinning and I couldn't drive, but I was following Zoe to get home, because apparently I was lost. She didn't seem to have a problem following the road, though it was like we were watching a camera from above that was rotating to add to the cinematography(?).

We got out of the cars and about 4 people were walking. I said how stupid it was that "movies" let us do stuff like hit people's cars and what have you. I swung a shopping bag I had and hit a post...it left a mark and I said "see? We're already filmed, how can it change things and destroy them? How do people trip and fall when it's not scripted. It just doesn't make sense." They all ignored me.

We got to a restaurant. A crazy little dive diner like Jack's. There were the 4-ish of us, the boys showed up, then Jason and Eric. I kept talking about things and felt like no one was listening, but I kept talking anyway. Then never responded or acknowledged my statements. The table next to us got their food and I woke up.

So...what does that mean?
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You don't have to say what you did, I already know

Heard "Cry Me a River" on the way home. Ahh...nice way to end an evening...

Our family dinner was okay. The food was good, but the crowds not too lively. 10 people, but one of those was my grandmother...the one I'm not particularly fond of, and who is probably not fond of me either. So.

Then!! cicigreen and I decided to go see Two Towers! 8pm show, so it got out at 11:15. It was SO GOOD! I'm glad I finally saw it, since most of my friends have been quoting the hell out of it. Garvey does a GREAT Gollum impression. And was doing it A LOT last night.

Also, this is going to make the movie fest on Friday go a lot smoother. Taking out a 3 and a half hour movie will ensure plenty of time to see the rest. (Maid in Manhattan, Star Trek: Nemesis, and she will probably end up seeing Harry Potter: CoS again and Two Weeks Notice with Mama and Judy.)

Speaking of John...this is his new movie. It's really funny, and features me! I'm in the yellow shirt, in the middle-ish of the screen, sitting on the floor. The girl footage was taken at Caitlin's on Monday night...we didn't know Jason was recording...and the guys recorded themselves and put it all together last night at Allie's. They always complain that girls squawk like chickens.

It's really easy to scold a child for signing you off AIM and to tell them "Never click the orange X...ever, ever, ever!!" But trying to yell at a mother or sister is much more difficult. So I'm left just cursing them in my head every time I return to a signed out AIM. *grrrrrrrr!*

Bolded phrases are inserted to make it easier to skim over entries. Hee hee...and I'm bored.

And finally!
Poll #88300 Things that make you go 'hmm?'

Should I get my eyebrow pierced?

If you want to
Pierce something else!!!

What that "something else" should be...

Both my parents are horribly against the idea, but I am 18 and can legally do it without their permission.

Also, my father said he'd prefer I get my belly button pierced because at least that could be hidden. Boo.


I think that's it for the night. If I think of anything else, I'll be back!
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