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No Finals Today

That's the good thing. The bad thing...the fucking phone woke me up at 10:30. Oh well, it's later than I was able to sleep yesterday or Monday.

I don't really have anything to say. I'm thinking I'm going to be a major scrub today and just hang out in pjs. Maybe go over to Ci's (in my pajamas)...I want some new icons. I love mine, but I can't seem to fine the right ones to match some entries. That's bad. Maybe just a couple though.

Arg, I think I had a dream last night involving shopping. Oooo! Wait, it's coming back to me. We were at...well technically it was the "Library of Congress" or "President's library" or something like that...but it was really just Barnes and Nobel. And as I was walking around and browsing at the books (and picked up Harry Potter and started reading it) I was thinking that Mommy would probably buy me presents because she hasn't in a while. But that if I got too many books, she might not take me to Best Buy.

Even in my dreams I feel deprived.

And selfish. But, I...uh...kinda want a present. Nothing big, I mean, I don't want my mother to "buy my love" or anything like that. Just something...maybe a "Congratulations on finishing your finals!" something. A CD? DVD? Pack of Frappuccinos? I just want something. I'm such a needy child sometimes, grrrr.

I'm going to go make me some chicken rice for lunch, then probably head over to Ci's. *shrugs* My next entry will probably be from her place.

*And my back hurts. A lot actually. Hmmm...I live in a society that values instantaneous relief rather than fixing a I shall go take a couple Aleve.

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