December 24th, 2002


But even her smile looks like a frown. She's seen her share of devils in the "angel town"

Mmm...interesting evening. Lots of fun. We hung out at Rob's. Good times.

I'm tired now and have a hair appointment at 10am in Gurnee I'm getting to bed very soon.

It's Christmas Eve now. Crazy. Crazier yet...tonight is our big family festive-ness. Not Christmas morning like the usual years past where we all sit around in pajamas with disheveled hair and drinking orange juice and throw wads of wrapping paper around and complain about not getting enough presents and "she got more than me! She's your favorite!!!" and all that fun sibling stuff. And then we end with a nice egg and bacon breakfast before we go off to play with our new toys and stuff.

Nah, this year is a night time celebration. And there probably won't be any gifts to open Christmas morning. And even if there's only my parents, Fayanne and me. And while we will be having breakfast, it's no where near the 7-12 person extravaganza that we usually have.

*sigh* Stop getting stuck in the past, Gail.

Goodnight moon.
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Merry Christmas Eve!!!

And to those of you not should take after my friends and have a Jewfest. Hang out at someone's house, watch movies, eat Chinese food (because they are the only place open)...


Happy Jewfesting!
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