December 22nd, 2002


My fingers search for you while I sleep, looking for something to keep

Today has been a massive movie day.

This evening I watched White Christmas, then at 10:30 Zoe came over. Once that movie was over, we put in Teaching Mrs. Tingle.

And now? First Knight is on TNT. Coo'.

My day has also consisted of napping twice, elevating my foot, and right now I'm icing it. 5 of my friends have told me to go to see a doctor. Candace even said her mom would check it out. :-\

Tomorrow, my friends and I might go on a driving trip through this Winter Wonderland lights show thing. Exciting, n'est pas?
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Walking in a winter, winter wonderland

Ah, awake. Too early if you ask me.

I didn't go to Zoe's Christmas Pageant this morning, even though she asked me yesterday if I would. I feel pretty guilty about it...but. Early. Wake up. Church. :-p She'll a few years.

Tonight, Cici is planning a Two Towers thing. I sort of already had plans to do a driving though Winter Wonderland lights show thing. And Winter Wonderland has less walking and stairs.

My foot is still majorly swollen. It still hurts to walk on. I'm still walking like a gimp and making as few trips up and down the stairs as possible. Oh, and the bruising is getting worse. It always takes me a few days to get the true bruise colors.

I'm going to go ice, elevate and maybe wrap it now. And grab some breakfast or somethin'. Later.

Oh, and I had a strange Collapse )
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I'm just a bill, yes I'm only a bill...sittin' here on Capitol Hill dinner.

Well, Fayanne cooked and it was only Mommy, Dad, Cici, Zoe, her and me. But it was good. Spaghetti. Yum.

Talking to Candace about arranging a trip through the Cuneo Gardens Winter Wonderland display thing. Pretty lights. It's probably just going to be me, her and Phatty. We might be able to get Rob, John and Charlie...but it's sketchy at this point.

After dinner, Cici, Fayanne, Zoe and I played a strange new card game called "Garbage". Zoe quit half way through and once we had finished...we played Scrabble. Yay Scrabble!

And that has been my evening. Fun, huh?
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