December 19th, 2002

Alanis - Unsexy

Keep telling myself that it won't take long till I'm free of my disease

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Fun and exciting.

Also! I got a Christmas card from the lovely ladymissdiva! Yay! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Today was fine. Alumni Day...could have been fun, but I missed out on the good stuff by having to work the fucking hot-dog sale during 6th period and going to AWARE instead of Crew. *shakes an angry fist* Fuck me.

No homework. Per usual. Damn, I love this year.

Tomorrow is the last day before break. ABOUT FUCKING TIME!! I need off. After school tomorrow is our 6(+) hour crew break party. So much fun. Yay.

Now, I need to go paint my picture frames. Must be done for tomorrow. Damn, I'm going to need to wrap those too. Grrr...

OH. And my FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT computer has crashed 6 times today already. And 4 times last night. It froze while I was sleeping last night. While I was at school today. While I was at dinner tonight. I HATE IT SO MUCH. with a baseball bat. We'll see how this thing likes that!!
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