December 14th, 2002


What you thought was real in life, will somehow steer you wrong


I'd say Happy Friday the 13th, but that ended a while ago.

What a long fucking day.

School. Boring. English was almost non-existent, and APES never really matters anyway. The rest of my classes are blow-offs.

Then I came home, showered and napped before STUNTS. I was sleepy.

I woke up at 5 and got dressed and ready for the show. Picked up Chazz and got there at about 5:40.

The show went pretty well. No more fire alarms, which is always good. Things were kinda low energy and surprisingly...last night's audience was bigger. We had more of a draw from the Thursday night crowd. Fucked up.

After, I had people over. 16 in fact. Too many for this little house. But the parents were gone and I can't say no to people. I got to see Bridgette and Mary for a while. After some people left (after midnight), the remaining 7 of us went to Jack's. Goldy, Allie, me, Charlie, Jason, Carly and Garvey.

It was semi-entertaining. Parts were good. Parts sucked terribly.

Got home recently (at 2-ish). People were supposed to sleep over, but Zoe felt sick and didn't end up coming at all. Amanda left early, and Carly decided not to stick around.

Whatever. It's sort of a bad night anyway. I'd probably prefer to be without the silly girly mask I'd be forced to put on if I had them here. *sigh* It gets so annoying sometimes.

Alright, I guess I'll go to bed now.

Goodnight moon.
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Shin-a-ling, what a funny thing to be happening

*yawn* Another busy day ahead. And I'm going on about 7 and a half hours of sleep.

So I was disappointed in last night. But then again, I get disappointed all the time, and it's just because my expectations are too high and I have this problem where I plan EVERYTHING and when NOTHING goes like I had planned, it makes me anxious. It's not like what did happen was bad, but I was hoping for There. I'll just be at peace with that for now.


It's odd and lonely waking up with only a stuffed bear to keep you company. Granted I love that my parents are gone for a couple nights. And I love that I have the house to myself. And even when they are here, I don't really utilize their's still very empty. At least most mornings I can wake up and have another living body adding their energies to the house. Today it's just empty and dead feeling.


I'm going to be taking a shower soon. Then doing some dishes because the 16 friends used a lot of glasses and I'd like as few tell-tale signs as possible. Not that the parents would even care. Hell, we're the good kids.


After that, I need to run up to Cici's apartment. I have to put the ton of STUNTS pictures that we took onto a CD. It was going to be a present for Tania, but we might just have to ... not. No time to print them out. :-\

I also have to run out to Hobby Lobby and pick up some of those paintable frames. I've decided that's what I'm getting everyone for Christmas/Hanukkah. [And if you are one of the 9 people in the locker group that reads know your present, so boo on you and keep your mouth shut to everyone else.] I don't know when I'm going to paint them. I need them by Friday. :-\


At 2, I'm meeting Eric, Mulder and Nikki to go shopping for the STUNTS party tonight after strike.

IT'S STUNTS DAY!!! The reason I couldn't go to Fayanne's graduation. Last year, I was at school until 1am, and probably will be this year too. We start with shopping, and then do the set up. And then run the show, and then do the strike, and then party with the cast, crew and band until midnight. They all leave and the Board does the clean up.

It's a long day ahead. I need to get going or I'll never have time. And once I leave the house, I probably won't be back for over half a day. Crazy.


Bye all. Much love to you.
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