December 12th, 2002


Little shop, little shop of horrors. Little shop, little shop of terror

Today was PACKED with fun-filled excitement.

Or I was just really busy...

Student Activities Board meeting this morning. It was fine except that I hit snooze on my alarm twice and was almost late. Eek! So much with the tired.

Classes went fine. Did silly group work in English, performed my monologue in Company, climbed the wall in Outdoor Adventure, sang Jingle and Ubi Caritas in Chorale, did more silly group work in APES, and recorded feedback for my theatre class.

During 8th, Amanda and I got most of our APES homework done (and it's not even due until Monday). I have no homework tonight. Party on.

AWARE was fine. We watched some news footage on the war with Iraq and why to take a stance against war. Next week, we'll be watching a video that explores the natural violent tendencies in men. Should be interesting.

I got to go home for about 2 seconds, and while I was going to make myself dinner, there was no food, so I dumped my stuff, went to the bathroom and got back to school at 5:40.

Got dressed up in my pretty dress (it was super-dress up day for the Board) and waited around, checking in on my troupes and stuff. Things seemed to go smoothly.

We started the show, and there were a ton of people I knew in the audience (a large portion of my family, as well as probably half my theatre class...though no friends). Things started without a hitch...

And then came the shift from Little Shop of Horrors into Staff Infection. When the fire alarms went off. And we had to evacuate the building. All of the audience and cast had to go outside. At least 600 people. OY!

A bunch of people thought it was part of the show. Mrs. Crystal (Jason and Becca's mom) said later that she looked back and by the expression on my face, assumed that it was all planned out. I said that I was just smiling or I'd have been crying and that you just gotta roll with the punches.

It was the first time that had ever happened in my 4 years here, and Eric said that he'd been there 7 years and never experienced anything like it. To this point, we still don't know what caused it.

Surprisingly though, it didn't destroy the show at all. Things went pretty smoothly after all was said and done. We picked up right where we left off and the cast retained a great deal of focus, considering what had happened.

Had the fire alarm thing not happened, it would have been a very solid show.

After it, I met with the family for a while (and really, while we were all outside, I was talking to them). It ended up being my mom and dad, Cici, Zoe, Dave, Katie, Emily, Fayanne, my aunt Judy, cousin Stephanie [that was a surprise!] and Grandma. I got home and Fayanne said that she was instructed to take me out for dinner. So we went to Applebee's and had a nice (late) meal. Mmm...fajitas.

Now I'm home. I need a shower and I definitely need to relax and go to bed.

Everyone is going to Charleston tomorrow afternoon and they'll be staying Friday and Saturday nights for Fayanne's Graduation. Then she's coming back next Wednesday for my choral concert and she'll be here for about two weeks.

Oy, I really need sleep.
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