December 9th, 2002

Alanis - Unsexy

Senora Peron it's an easy mistake. I'm still called an admiral although I gave up the seat long ago

So today was a bit shit-tastic.

School was fine. Watched movies in English, like always.

Had a meeting with my counselor to discuss next semester. She said Dance probably wouldn't be a problem to switch into, but I have to call the admissions offices at the colleges I want to go to and make sure they wouldn't have a problem with me dropping science. I can't do anything until January though to actually change my schedule.

Finished my monologue in Company. Climbed half of wall 4 in gym. (The handholds were so far apart. I want to try it again though...) Sang though "Jingle" and worked on it in Chorale. Spent 6th free in the library. (Had an interesting conversation with Allie that I will discuss later.)

APES sucked. We had inner-outer circle discussion and I was in the fucking inner circle. I talked quite a bit though, and made some good points. 80 minutes though...christ, that sucked.

In theatre, Aron and I had to prepare a scene as an example. We totally fucked it up, but it was alright. There were enough positives for the kids to go off of, while the minor bad points they know will count.

STUNTS tech went well. We ended an hour early, though I still didn't get out of there until a half-hour late. I wasn't really doing work though. We hooked up Eric's new PowerBook to the projector and watched iTunes visualizations on the HUGE screen. Twas cool and mesmerizing.


Twice today I was overheard by a teacher saying the word "FUCK!" extremely loudly. Dammit. Didn't get in trouble though. I'm special like that.


Phatty hit me THREE times today REALLY HARD. To the point where I crippled in pain for a while. I'm starting to get bruises all over the place...and that's no fun.


Today has been odd. You know how it feels to be used? Yeah, I sort of felt like that. Especially later in the day. I basically felt like a whore, even though I'm not. My friends and I joke around about that a lot. We call each other whores constantly. But for whatever reason, today, I felt like that. I felt cheap and used and that sucks monkey butt.


I came home to a few IMs from Jason with pictures of Evita rehearsal. That made me feel a tad bit better.


Now, I need to edit my Hamlet position paper and shower.
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