December 7th, 2002


If she needs you she'll call, but I don't think that's likely somehow

Edit: My PowerBook would probably cost about $3600. Ouch. :-( [It's really pretty though! With a DVD-R drive and lots of hard drive space and an AirPort card and big, wide screen, and...I really really want it. Too bad it's not going to happen. Ever. *sigh*]

And I honestly don't know what I should ask for for Christmas. I want The Producers CD...and honestly? That's about it. I could find movies and stuff that I want, but that would be such a waste because it's not like "OH! I've been wanting that FOREVER!"

Any suggestions? Seriously. What should I ask for for Christmas?

Oh, and happy last night of Hanukkah. Or was that last night? No...tonight. Whatever. Yay Hanukkah.

I'm watching Evita. And singing very loudly with it. I know the entire show by heart. God, I love this musical.
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    Goodnight and Thank You - Evita

Hora la-la-la! Merriment is flowing! Hora, hora dance!

Didn't go to bed until late...though I did sleep through the last half-hour of Evita. Oops.

I have to leave pretty soon to go to school. Tech today, though it's going to be extremely painless. We have about 4 acts to tech...and one's a video which needs almost no real time. We should be done with acts by 3:30, then we'll do crew stuff until 5.

I'll find out sometime in there if Candace can go to Evanston today or not. If she isn't...I don't know what I'll end up doing tonight. I better not spend it at home alone. I'll have to email Jason from my phone today to let him know what's going on as well. Oy, so much trouble.

I'm in a seriously mellow mood. I'm not really sad or anything, just very low key and very tired. I suppose I didn't get enough sleep.

Well, I have to go grab my water bottle and head out now. Bye my loves.
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    Dance the Hora (a choir song we sang last year, in head)