December 6th, 2002


I'm not talking of a hurried night...a frantic tumble, then a shy goodbye

Today has been so long! I'm home before curfew and it feels like the middle of the night!

School was fun. I was overly-excited about Citrus all day, so I was highly entertaining and energetic. I made a lot of people laugh and said a lot of funny things. My classes were all very good.

I finished my English reading in-class and our 1-2 paged, double spaced paper on acts 1-3 of Hamlet is due Tuesday. But it's really fucking easy.

And I teched half the Theatre 3,4 STUNTS scenes during 6th period. Eric was supposed to be there to do it, but he wasn't. And it was cool because it was like I got to be Stage Manager again. And lighting designer. I had to change a few cues. And considering I hadn't done lights since Sophomore year Spring Play, I was surprised at my skills. Okay, it wasn't hard really, but I didn't think I'd remember so much.

Citrus unloading was very fun. Candace commented that it's really only a party when I'm near-by, and I'd have to agree. I make things lively and sing loudly without thinking twice. I'm a Senior, dammit, I can do what I want and not be embarrassed.

It's sad that this was my last citrus day. It's just really fun, though the tiredness I'm experiencing now is probably from the lifting of several 20 or 40 lb boxes. 40 lbs is a lot. (That's 9 and 18 kilograms, for those of you who are smart enough not to use the outdated and impractical English system.)

After that, we hung around for a bit before going to Pat's house at 7-ish. We basically just hung around a lot...doing nothing. It was fun though. I was beat up several times by Patrick. The way I see it though, he wouldn't bother to hit me if he didn't like me, so it's really a sign of friendship. Though my knee is still throbbing from when it hit is particularly hard about an hour ago. It sort of tingles when I walk, so I'm thinking it's going to be a bitch in the morning.

So now I'm home. Tech tomorrow is from noon until 5. Might go down to Evanston after/later. I don't really know what's going on, and won't until tomorrow.

My parents got pissed at me for not bringing the oranges straight home. I had to leave Pat's, drop the citrus off so it wouldn't freeze in my car, and go back. Boo.

And now she wants a Christmas list. I hate Christmas lists. It makes me feel greedy. Especially if I put PowerBook at the top which a) they won't know what it is, b) they'll not appreciate it being $3000 and c) they will say that we already have a computer for college. This thing is so fucking HUGE though. And it's a PC. And the more I see of PowerBooks (I swear...EVERYONE has them!) the more I WANT! I might just tell my mommy that since I didn't think I was getting gifts this year, I hadn't really planned on anything and though I could come up with a list of CDs and DVDs, I really just want money towards a laptop.

Oy. Parents can be so annoying sometimes. Why can't they go away again? Best three days of my to myself, in charge of my own actions.

And I've been so cheery the last couple days. I'm feeling a fall coming on. Must fight it. Gotta keep fighting.
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