December 5th, 2002


For this is Christmas, yes Christmas my dear, it's the time of year to be with the one you love



First, I'm home. Late. Stayed an hour after tech. Hanging around with Eric and Nikki.


Third, TOMORROW IS CITRUS DELIVERY DAY!!!!! aka, my favorite day of the year! So much fun. Hauling 20 and 40 lb boxes of oranges and grapefruits assembly line-style for 2 hours! So much singing and laughing and fun and joy and coldness and sore arms! It's soooo great!

Fourth, I'm listening to Christmas music! My A Very Ally Christmas CD with Vonda Shepard. Love her. Love Christmas. All happiness!

Fifth, trying to change the doctor's appointment I made on the 16th to next Wednesday. The 16th is Mr. DHS! I can't miss it! Senior guys "beauty" pageant. It's amazing!

Me (10:41:17 PM): Goodnight honey
Jason (10:41:28 PM): goodnight syrup

Seventh, on Sunday the 15th, I'm going with Zoe and her mom to the Art Institute!!! WHEE!!! I forget what the exhibit is...something good I'm sure!

Eighth, tomorrow during 6th I'm going to help Eric tech the Theatre 3,4 scenes for STUNTS.

But as long as you love me so,
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

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Eleventh, I have calmed down significantly. So now I'll go read up on my friends page, shower, think about homework and then avoid it purposely, and maybe even get some sleep tonight. Hell, I might end up creating a scrapbook on Jason's website...
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