December 4th, 2002


I don't want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need

Happy Birthday, Firelily!!!

Hope your day is fabulous!


Today has been soooooo long. First full day of school in a week. *falls over*

Wasn't too bad. I don't have any homework. Yay!

There was no tech today, just crew...and we ended at 5:30. I've been home for 15 minutes already!

This is really funny. [Stolen from althea5000's journal.]

I'm soooooo hungry. And I need a nap!
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It's the way that he make you cry, it's the way that he's in your mind

Les parents went and picked up my roll of film that I've been meaning to get developed and dinner (Panera soup in a bread bowl. Who's shocked? No? Didn't think so...).

These pictures? Christ, I didn't know how old the roll was.

I finished it about a week and a half ago, when we all went to see Bond.

And I knew that there were pictures from my theatre class on Red and Gray Day.

However, there was also a picture from this day when we went to Flat-Top with Jenny. The picture is really blurry and strangely exposed but cool looking...of people on the rocks by the lake.

And there were two pictures from Fall Play practice. It was Jersey Day during Homecoming week...I know because Mel and Mini are wearing them.

Then one picture of Amanda when we were at the Renaissance Faire this summer.

Then the rest (about ten) were from the Blues Traveler concert we went to. WHOA! Totally forgot about it completely! Lawn at Ravinia. Good times...or well. If you read the posts surrounding the concert, probably not such good times. Eh, whatever. The pictures are happy?

So yes. Big surprises in the film. Too bad all the pictures look like crap. Damn camera.
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First time I've been able to watch it in MONTHS.

I'm a bit confused, but it's soooooo good anyway. And chess! Hee. Love that Barlett!

And CJ called Charlie "Chazz". And Donna stole Josh's coat because it's warmer than hers. And Charlie krazy glued CJ's phone.

Whee! Love this show.
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And it was grand just to stand with his hand holding mine! Till the end of the line!

So in Chorus today, Melissa got "The Trolley Song" from Meet Me in St. Louis stuck in my head, but only the chorus. [We sang it freshman year.]

So the entire next period, Allie and I were trying to remember how the end went.

It came to me while I was brushing my teeth...and it took me a few seconds to realize "Oh my god! That's what we were trying to figure out!!"


Also, might be going down to Evanston to play Starfarers with Jason, Candace and Cark this weekend. Then STUNTS opens next weekend and his show right now (Evita!!!!!!) opens at the end of January. All night, I've been emailing him and Candace to arrange for those two things. A) Starfarers and B) getting tickets to Evita. Criznazy, I tell you.

The only email I keep in my inbox is "unfinished business" which gets filed into an appropriate folder after I've finished it. And right now there are 32 pieces! Ahhh! Must. Finish. Stuff!

But now!!! BEDTIME!!!!*

*I'd like to know when "bedtime" became a joyous occasion and not a punishment.
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