December 2nd, 2002


Time flies and then no need to endure anymore, time dies

My computer doesn't cease to suck ass.

Right now, it's refusing to let me access the 7 new email messages it's taunting me with.

And if you know me at all, you know that I'm OBSESSED with email, so this is obviously PISSING ME OFF.

*sigh* Time for another restart!

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After school, I found Zoe and she and I decide to watch Home For the Holidays tonight! Whee! We also decided to go to Panera for dinner.

Crew/STUNTS Band/Musical Theatre Troupe went well. We had a few problems arise, but luckily got everything straightened out. The crew dry-teched the show, so we're ready to go into tech tomorrow.

I'm at school until 9pm starting tomorrow. Oh joy of joys.

Crew ended at 6, and Zoe and I sat around talking with Eric for a while. A long while. Finally, it was 7 and I asked him if he wanted to join us at Panera. So the three of us went there to have a yummy dinner of warm soup, et al. Mmm...chicken noodle soup in a bread bowl! We talked more and didn't end up getting out of there until 8:30. Oops.

So Zoe and I came back here to watch the movie. SO GOOD!!! LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!

It's all about the moment. That one moment. That's the point. Then it doesn't matter what comes next. What happens or doesn't happen. As long as when you both get hit by buses, you've had that moment...hee hee. Seriously though, the moment. I've had one. It's amazing.

I took Zoe home by 11 (she had to be home by curfew) and came back here. It's taken me nearly 45 minutes to write this fucking entry, because I keep thinking of emails to send to people and sites I wanted to look up.

The following sites are funny:
- Fetishists Really Love Their Macs [especially funny if you are a Mac fan, but really...funny anyway!]
- I had a dream once... [a movie made by my friend John...supposedly only funny if you saw Swimfan. I found it amusing anyway. Then again...I know John.]

Class starts tomorrow morning at 10:52. Trying to get Mama to call me out between 12 and 2:30 because I HAVE NO CLASSES. And we have a stupid closed campus. *shakes angry fist*

Fuck. I need to read Hamlet.
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