November 25th, 2002


I'd never let you down, even if I could

School was actually pretty good.

Did have Student Activities Board this morning. 'Twas fun. I got to bitch a bit about my schedule with the Principal. I love her. She's awesome. :-D

No English homework. Sweet.

Again, no Secret Turkey gift. I sure as hell better get something damn-good tomorrow. Grrr...

BUT! My turkey loved her gift. I burned a CD and the person sitting next to her said "Whoever is [her] Secret Turkey, she's spazzing over here!" Yay!!

During 6th, Allie, Caitlin and I went to the blood drive. Our appointments were for 12:40, but they basically just completely disregarded all of that. People coming out were saying "Yeah, I've been here since 4th. Good luck getting to your 9th period class!"

As it turns out, we were waiting an hour before I even got the interview and pre-screen of my blood. I passed! Woo! No iron deficiency for me! After that, it was another 30 minutes before I got to sit in the chair thing so the lady could take my blood. Then that took about 20 minutes. It did hurt a little, but definitely could have been worse. It was odd to know that the little tube leading out of the needle was filled with my blood. It was pretty nifty.

After, there was the mandatory 15 minute waiting around eating pretzels and drinking juice. Sweet. At that point, it was about 2:45, and 9th period had already started. I COMPLETELY missed APES, which I heard was amazing today. Doc was sick and the substitute deemed the video we were supposed to watch stupid, so he turned it off. Those who didn't leave half-way through the first period ended up racing up and down the lab in Doc's "special rolly chair" that he never lets anyone sit it. I'm sad I missed it.

9th was fine as well. The kids finished their scenes for feedback so Aron and I sat around doing nothing. Yay.

STUNTS stuff was great. Band went pretty well today. Musical Theatre Troupe went really well, and crew was fun. I hung around making crude jokes and gossiping with Shmikes (Mikey) whom I haven't seen in forever, and Zoe, who I talk to ALL THE TIME now. It was great.

We also had a Board meeting. It went pretty well, and I think the show is really going to come together. Yay STUNTS!

I just went to Dominick's to pick up the last of my Secret Turkey gifts. I got her some pretty little magenta flowers and an InStyle magazine. I'm going to have a little "hunt for clues" thing in the magazine to reveal that I'm her Secret Turkey.

Now, I'm home. My arm is sore. I'm thirsty. And need a shower and to figure out the Secret Turkey-ness.

*Wow. I haven't used this icon in a WHILE. I must be glad that it's Thursday. One more day of school then a 5-day weekend!!!!!!
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