November 21st, 2002


They say "freak" when you're singled out

Where to start.

One, in case the mood of this post might not suggest it, I'm pretty pissed off right now. For no reason really.

School was fine. Whatever, it's the norm.

Then I went to AWARE. Our group of the usual 5-8 people was rushed today with supporters of Zack Valentine and those who want to help him get back to school. He's currently out on a 10 day out-of-school suspension for hacking into the district servers and is pending expulsion Monday night at the School Board Meeting.

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I got to crew and felt really badly that I had missed out. I also was a bit pissed that we didn't get to hold our AWARE meeting and deal with the two issues we've been trying to...the war with Iraq and offensive language. Today Justin Shiffman and I had a VERY heated argument in the library about him using "gay" in an inappropriate manner. I let it slide generally, if it's only said once. But he said it about 7 times in the SAME SENTENCE. A librarian came over to quiet us down and he began debating with her. It was both funny and horrible at the same time.

I apologized to Eric for not being at crew. He confusedly asked "but you were at AWARE, right?" Yes, but for whatever reason I felt incredibly guilty. Maybe it was the waste of time I felt. Maybe it was the strange atmosphere that everything seemed to have.

Maybe it's just another one of those nights.


I'm going to go check my email and calm the fuck down. I'll definitely be back.
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A big ol' "FUCK YOU" out to my computer right now.

I thought the video card problem was solved. Things were better. The resolution was fixed and so were the colors. Things looked good.

It still would crash 3 times a day, but it looked fine.

IT'S FUCKED UP AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHY DOES LIFE HATE ME?? Am I a bad person? Have I been selfish? Honestly, I'm sorry if I have, but DAMMIT!!

Jesus FUCKING Christ!
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I skimmed.

Sorry, I just couldn't read my friend's page.

With the computer. And the day. And just... *sigh*

I want to lay on my bed and cry myself to sleep.


In other news, a few of my friends actually did invite me to their respective Thanksgiving gatherings when I mentioned my situation.

They are wonderful people. Why don't I appreciate that?
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    I'm going out to buy a Secret Turkey gift. See y'all later!

I miss your purple hair, I miss the way you taste

I've calmed down significantly since earlier.

I drove out to Hobby Lobby in Mundelein to find the frame I wanted to get for my Secret Turkey. I stopped at Michael's to pick up some stickers before coming home.

So I spent a while painting and decorating the frame. I'm really proud of it...I think it looks damn-good. I'm almost disappointed that I have to give it away...I like it a lot. I took a couple pictures with the digital camera so I can post here...sometime.

I just got out of the shower and realized that I never had dinner. Oh well...a little late now. When I get really upset or aggravated my appetite becomes nil. I'm not even hungry.

I'm gonna go to bed now. I'm already up later than usual.
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