November 18th, 2002


I've had enough of the world, and its people's mindless games

So pardon me while I burn, and rise above the flame

Saw Chamber of Secrets. I liked it a lot. Possibly more than the first movie. Nothing was ruined for me, since I haven't read the books and a majority of the complaints I've heard were from people who disliked the inconsistency. I thought there were a lot of interesting conflicts in it, especially when it came to the parents. Lucious Malfoy was awesome. Lots of snakes and spiders though. Um...eww.

I was also warned that the acting skills of the kids had somewhat disintegrated. A majority of my issues lay with the fact that it sounded like the boys weren't used to speaking in a lower voice. It was rather adorably endearing though...and with some coaching they can get better. Hermione was awesome. Emma Watson is the cutest thing ever and I love her hair. She's also extremely talented.

Got home and did some STUNTS stuff. Right away. Before even going pee and getting on my pajamas...the only thing I wanted to do since leaving the theatre at 12:30.

Now, I'm working on organizing stuff so I don't forget anything in the morning. Maybe I'll lay out clothes and stuff too. Make sure that I get my ass moving on time. I hate getting up early. Boo. However, McKenna (-Tarjan) should be providing breakfast foods. Mmm...muffin.

Unfortunately, this week is yearbook photos for clubs and I'm going to have to get up early again.
Thursday - Crew picture is at 7:40. I usually leave my house at 7:45. Boo.
Friday - Student Activity Board at 8:10. Sweet. BUT! AWARE: 7:15. 7:15 is the time I wake up. Dammit. I'm going to have to be up before 6:30...something I vowed would never happen again, after dropping my Early Bird Physics class last year. *shudder*

Aight, I should go to bed, or at least do something productive with my time if I'm going to insist on being up uber late.
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Like the coldest winter chill...heaven beside you, hell within

Happy Birthday, Celeste!!!

Oy. So tired. Dumbass I am went to bed at 2-ish. Got up at 6:30. Turns out that SAB was either canceled or relocated to a time/place that I was unaware of. So I was at school at 7:15 doing nothing.

My Secret Turkey didn't get me anything. Dumbass. My turkey liked her gift though. (Well...liked as in "seemed to like" and "pretended to like".) Basically, she just commented on "Oh! My Secret Turkey knows I don't eat chocolate!" And I thank Allie for that bit of info.

APES could not have been worse today. 2 whole periods. Of taking notes. On really boring biodiversity. And he yelled at us for talking too much. *beats head against wall* And we have a shitload of homework.

Crew/STUNTS stuff is fine. Nothing's going on tomorrow or Wednesday for the musical auditions. Sweet! I'll actually get to come home...while it's light out...

It doesn't happen much.



In other news:
Men Can't Help Acting On Gail.
Something Special In The Gail. [Damn straight!]
Gail - The Best A Man Can Get.

Which reminds me that Caitlin called me a whore today and we all decided she's just prude. ;-X

Mom: Dad and I had our leftover Uno for dinner. If you want, I can throw in a frozen pizza for you.
Me: [thinks Because I couldn't do that myself?]

And now I'm thinking about how considerate she is to think about me after having dinner herself. Good to look out for your children, Mama.

That's enough for now. Probably too much. Deal, bitches.
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Was that him? Yes, it was. Was it me? No it wasn't, just a trick of the woods

I feel as though I've been pretty productive tonight. I did my APES homework...both the journal entry and the reading/worksheet on Leopold's Sketches Here and There that isn't due until Thursday.

I didn't have any English homework, so I'm set there.

I need to wrap my Secret Turkey gift for tomorrow. I already made another sign for her locker, so I'm pretty much set.

However, I could use your help! I need gift suggestions that are cheap and relatively easy. So far I've gotten her candy, tomorrow she's getting a cute little Hello Kitty bumblebee. I was thinking about baking cookies (maybe those cut-and-bake ones...especially if I can find ones with Turkeys. What else???

I think I'm going to bed early tonight. Today was brutal and I'm not making the same mistake twice.
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