November 17th, 2002


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I was wondering why it was taking so long to get through my friends page.

Then I remembered that last night my computer was crashing more than necessary and my internet connection went down.


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Fun and exciting, n'est pas?

It snowed last night. And actually accumulated. About an inch and a half.

I'm torn, because I love the brightness that snow brings to dreary winter days, but I hate snow. And I love the way the house feels in winter. All Christmasy and happy. But I hate the cold. Eh.

Things I need to buy or do today:
- Buy camera battery
- Finish roll of film
- Buy Secret Turkey gifts (in Company, we all have a Secret Turkey and have to buy that person gifts every day until Thanksgiving Break. 7 gifts, yo)
- Wait patiently for Tuesday when I can buy More Than You Think You Know.

Oh! And I forgot to tell you about my injury!

So yesterday at the end of crew, I was a dumb ass and slipped down a set of concrete stairs that I was trying to go up. Now, I have a bruise, about 3 inches in diameter and a half-inch raised up and smack in the middle! A centimeter wide circle that Allie says looks like a puncture wound. I'd have to agree. It looks like someone took a big-ass screwdriver and jammed it into my leg. It's all black too.

If I can find my sister's digital camera, I might take pictures later.

Now, I need to get dressed and go to Target, or something.
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And I could see that she was offended, she said "Well, anyways," just dying for a subject change

I miss AudioGalaxy so very much.

*sigh* Silly WinMX...

Anyway, my day has been dull. I have no idea what sort of gift to get my Secret Turkey. Everything I think of I either can't find, or it's too expensive. Grrr...

Which also reminds me that I sort of miss not being able to go Christmas shopping this year. By doing a drawing names, I only need to get one gift (plus the kids). And while this is cheap and all, I'm going to miss actually shopping.

Tired. Perhaps I'll nap.

Nothing to do until 9 when I meet Ci and Zoe for Harry Potter at Regal.
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Somewhere out on the highway I'm sure that she's fine...

Dear Old Computer,

You're really fucking funny, you know that?


I love the way that you find new and different ways to crash everyday. Freezing, blue screen of death, restarting yourself for no's all very entertaining.

And ya know, crashing once a day is special...but you. You like to go above and beyond and crash at least twice, and sometimes up to FOUR TIMES EVERY DAY.

That's amazing, and I'd like to say how much I truly appreciate you trying to keep me on my toes. Thank you.


[I want a fucking Mac and I want one now. I'm not putting up with this shit anymore. I WON'T DO IT ANYMORE!!! Fucking machine.]
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Hold me when I'm here, right me when I'm wrong, hold me when I'm scared and love me when I'm gone


There's so much stuff that I know I'm going to forget tomorrow.

* I have a 7:30 Student Activities Board meeting. Eek. I already set my alarm for 6:30 though.

* I need to think of something creative for my Secret Turkey gift. At Target today I bought a pack of Starbursts and a bag of Skittles at the I just need something cute that says "look, I didn't just get candy...the candy is a BONUS!!!" Can't forget this.

* I also need to bring in a frying pan and bread for making Grilled Cheese sandwiches in Outdoor Adventure. I actually got that stuff together and it's sitting on my bed.

* I'm bringing in poster board for APES. We need to create a visual for this group project that no one has worked on and I think we start presenting on Wednesday. My group is going next Monday though.

* I should bring my camera around places so that I can finally get the pictures that are on it developed. I think I still have summer on there. And Homecoming Week. Hmm...

There must be more, but I'm forgetting already.
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