November 16th, 2002


I'm on my feet, I'm on the floor, I'm good to go

Chomping Cheerios in a futile effect to make my stomach not feel like it's been stabbed repeatedly with a very large fork.

My back hurts too, but it's the wrong time of the month for those, so I'm not really sure where all the pain is coming from. *sigh* Me and my broken body.

Just came home from Phatty's. After crew, a bunch of us went to Chipotle (4 times in 1 week. Go me) and then to his house to watch the LOTR special edition DVD. 'Twas fun and exciting, of course. Basically, we talked though the entire movie, except the new scenes.

School was fine. APES test was a little confusing, but easy...I think. If I do badly, I'll feel really stupid. Bleh. And he wasn't even in class, the slacker. Nothing overly exciting happened, other than that. So yay for non-eventful.

Oh, and I was late to English 1st period today. Only a minute, but a lot of people were. Weatherby said she's going to start collecting money toward a donut fund every time someone comes in late (about 8 people were this morning. Eep). Some asked if that was extortion and she said "well, yes, but it's my last year of teaching so I don't think they'd fire me." I love that woman.

So much trouble. Talked to Zoe a lot today. Yearning. Always the fucking yearning.

Need to go to bed. 1pm dentist appointment tomorrow, then crew and who knows what all. Night folks.
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You don't need to bother, I don't need to breathe. I'll keep slipping farther

Fucking Blue Screen of Death force quitting Explorer while I'm typing a journal entry.

At least I hadn't gotten very far.

Anywho, eventful day ahead. So I'm rather relishing the non-action right now.

11:30 or 12:30 (not really sure right now) - Dentist appointment with Cici and Zoe
1 - Crew until 3
3 - Volleyball in a gym
after - Chipotle for dinner (woo number 5! 8 days!)
then - who knows? It's a Saturday night.

Oh wait!! I told Allie I'd do something with her tonight. She wasn't going to hang out with us yesterday because Ben was leaving today to go do Iowa so over the ENTIRE weekend she would only seem him Friday night.

Boo hoo *cry* boo hoo.


But yes. That means she's free tonight and I should remember to call her lazy ass.

Now? I need to rinse out my breakfast bowl (mmm...Corn Pops) and shower. Mmm...clean.
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Hell hath no fury like winter in Chicagoland.

And don't let anyone tell you differently.

It's snowing, and Mama said that a few minutes ago, it was blowing so hard that she could barely see out the window. Of course, it's all melting when it hits the ground, but still.

I hate snow.
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Alanis - Unsexy

You left a stain on every one of my good days

Today has been long. And it's still early.

Dentist appointment was at 12:30...Mama's on crack. I didn't get in there until 1. Teeth got cleaned. Teeth got checked (no cavities...though it's not that impressive, I haven't had one in years). Teeth got fluorided (eww). Got out at 1:20.

Hurriedly went home and back to school. I was late for crew, but it wasn't an overly important day, and I was basically slacking off anyhow. Eh. Eventually I'll actually get working on stuff.

Then we played volleyball in the new West Gym. Ooo. But yeah, it was uber fun. Yay sports and stuff.

Then we went to Chipotle. Yay Chipotle. Hung around there for a while and talked a bit. All was good and we left at 5-ish.

It's so early, but it's so dark out. *hates winter* I'm tired and bored. I want to go out, but I might just end up napping for a bit. The parents are out of the house, and I'm going to want to be gone later because my niece is spending the night. Love her dearly...not in a child mood though.

I think I'll go upstairs and stuff. Meh.
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