November 3rd, 2002


Fly away on my zephyr


I think my computer may actually be dying.

In addition to the three freeze-ups/restarts earlier, I came home to it frozen. When I restarted, I immediately got the Blue Screen of Death fatal error.


I'm going to let it rest for the night and try to fix it tomorrow. But basically...fuckness.

Pat's party was fun. Lots of beating each other up and laughing. I was one of 5 girls...and there were about 15 guys. Mmm...nice ratio. ;-) Ha ha...but no. It was a lot of fun though. It's nice to get away from the drama that ensues with girls anyhow.

Now, I'm pretty tired, so I think I'll just catch up on my friends page, try to find a harmless way to check my email without using my computer's Outlook Express and then go to bed.

Maybe I'll even wait on the email until tomorrow. So. Tired.
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Grosses das eins hertz ge drungen

Happy Birthday, Reese!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

I got so much sleep last night. Went to bed at 1:30 and woke up this morning at 11. Okay, so it's not a HUGE amount, but enough. And better than the 7am I woke up yesterday.

Nothing much planned for today, I don't think. Trying to fix my computer. Candace and I mentioned going out to Woodfield, so we might do that later. Mmm...Cheesecake Factory! ;-)

Monday is the Fine Arts Assembly. I have to be to school at 9am to tech stuff. Classes begin at 10 and are about an hour with passing periods. The schedule is 4, 5, 6, 3A, 3B, 7. I'm called out of 4-6 for teching the assembly, and then it runs twice (half the school in each). So basically...Monday I go to APES, and that's it.

Tuesday is another late arrival. Early Bird classes start at 10, and then the schedule is 1, 2, 8, 9. My first period English class is at 10:58 (yes! sleep until 10:15!) and then 2 and 8 are free periods, and 9th is my Theatre 1,2 class. For's an independent study and attendance isn't taken.

Guess who's going to school for 1st period and then coming home to be lazy on her birthday? Yep! It's me. I almost feel guilty ditching my 1,2 class...but oh well. I like the idea of being home by noon on Tuesday. :-D

That's it in the life of me. I shall go now. Maybe search for some lunch.
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How do you talk to an angel?

So I think I "fixed" my computer. Basically, I just kept it off over night, and today I was clearing out files and stuff. I backed up my "important" documents and pictures onto CDs, just in case.

Then I was going to go watch Monsters, Inc., all the bonus material. And realized that my DVD remote has no batteries and there are no AAA batteries anywhere in the house. So no bonus stuff for me, because I can't even navigate passed the main screen.

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Well I've been afraid of changing cause I've built my life around you

I really have no reason to be posting, so perhaps I shouldn't have even started this. Oh well, rambling is good.

I'm in an oddly pensive-in-a-bad-way mood. I don't like it.

But I just had a 'political debate' with Jason. Ha ha ha.

My parents never cease to piss me off. I wish I could fly away from here.

My computer is definitely not as well as I had hoped. It has randomly been restarting itself with no provocation from me, and recently gave me about 20 Blue Screens of Death. It wouldn't restart when I hit ctrl+alt+delete, and when I hit any button, it just went to a new fatal error.

Jason's advice:
reinstall windows
and then buy a mac ;-)

Smart ass. And in the back of my mind, I'm really hoping that this thing does puke and that it would constitute needing a new computer. In which case I plead for a Powerbook that will be easy to transport to college and such. Mmm...Apple laptops...

I need dinner. I wish my parents would feed me. I wish that their dinner plans would include me...just occasionally. Oh well...we are having [this]. You can have some too, if you'd like.

Thanks. How considerate of you. Grrr...
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I won't be happy till I see you alone again, till I'm home again and feeling right

Kitty is laying on my lap. She's so precious.

I had a plan for today. A few, actually, throughout. I was going to go to Barnes & Noble and buy Ender's Game because I need a book and I heard it was good. But I didn't.

And then I was going to go to Target, get some AAA batteries and pick up a pair of black nylons, because I think I want to wear a skirt Tuesday, and with the colors I'll be wearing, I can't have a neutral color.

But I didn't.

I'm half-tempted to go to bed right now so that my day can't become more of a disappointment than it already is.
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