October 26th, 2002


Then I asked if she believed in fate, and she said yes

A couple more songs for my life soundtrack:
Either "Saints and Angels" or "I Learned That From You" by Sara Evans (I'd have to listen to them both again to decide which).
"God Knows Even Angels Fall" by Jessica Riddle (it's on the 10 Things... soundtrack).

I've been non-existent in the past day. Sorry all, I've been busy.

Yesterday school was fine. Our last Freshman performance during the day. That left us with 2 more shows, and last night took care of that.

Tonight is closing night. It goes quickly after that 4th show, but I'm ready to take it down. I'm definitely Stefanie Heroed out and looking forward to working on STUNTS full time, maybe joining AWARE again, and looking forward to the musical come January. Then it will all be down hill from there, like the 8 show Fall Play run. After half way, it just goes quickly.

Mommy's letting me go to New Orleans for the Chorus trip in February. Yay!

Things I'm looking forward to second semester:
- Theatre Fest
- Being a second semester Senior (mmm...Senioritis...)
- Chorus Trip
- Musical
- Dance Show
- Spring Play!! (Company written and performed! I'm going to be writing and performing!! It's going to be amazing.)
- Prom
- Senior Boat Party
- Graduation

I turn 18 in 10 days. How scary is that? Adulthood. Hmm...

Today, I need to make a trip out to Hobby Lobby to try to find a gift for Carl. Candace and I went shopping yesterday between school and the evening performance (hence the fact that I didn't get a chance to get on here) for Eric's presents, but we sort of forgot Carl. Whoops. It's okay because we still have money left. I plan on getting a mini-poster thing...one of those Affirmations ones that say "Teamwork" or "Courage". I'm hoping for the one that says "Focus" because that's a huge part of theatre...focus.

After the show last night, we (Candace, Charlie, Goldy, Cark and I) hung out at Candace's house. It was fun but we were so tired. I got home around midnight and tried to get on Journal, but I was so tired, and then my internet connection went down and I just said "fuck it" and went to bed.

I'm hungry.
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    Some country song..."She Said Yes"?
Alanis - Unsexy

You're the reason I'll be travelling on

Still I wish there was something you would do or say
To try and make me change my mind and stay.
But we never did too much talking anyway...
Don't think twice, it's alright.

Loaded a bunch of songs into my playlist to try and actually create a soundtrack of my life. Currently attempting to narrow it down. This song will be getting on. Definitely.

Artists that currently have more than one song contributed: Alanis, Barenaked Ladies, Bree Sharp, Matchbox Twenty, Dixie Chicks, John Mayer, Sara Evans, Sarah McLachlan, Tabitha's Secret.

I'll work on this more later. Right now, I'm restless, so I'll be showering and going to Hobby Lobby. Later folks!
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    Don't Think Twice - Bob Dylan covered by Bree Sharp

I'm not the sort of person who falls in and quickly out of love but for you I made an exception...

...right from the start.

At cicigreen's house right now. She's out grocery shopping with Mama and I'm watching the kids for a bit.

I just spent the last few hours shopping, and then browsing the internet for motivational poster things. The winners thus far have been:
http://www.art.com/asp/sp-asp/_/ui--2055026028C74D3496ADD8C0F4CFD36E/PD--10077854/sOrig--CAT/sOrigID--1945/Focus.htm (my favorite)
http://www.art.com/asp/sp-asp/_/ui--2055026028C74D3496ADD8C0F4CFD36E/PD--10007537/sOrig--CAT/sOrigID--1945/Working_Together_-_Rowers.htm (runner up, but big)
http://www.art.com/asp/sp-asp/_/ui--2055026028C74D3496ADD8C0F4CFD36E/PD--10007548/sOrig--CAT/sOrigID--1945/Possibilities_-_Lighthouse.htm (big, but the only one I've been able to find in a store)

Damn. I really want the Focus one. It's perfect. But I need it today. Dammit.

Now, I wait for my lunch (which Cici is bringing me) and debate whether or not to drive out to Woodfield(?) and try to find these things in a store. Hmm...
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