October 17th, 2002


This situation...this aggitation...

I came home to an email box filled with "Congrats on getting into college" note! Well, not so much filled as 5, but none the less, it makes me happy.


And it coats the harsh reality that the show opens on TUESDAY and we have NOT FINISHED THE CUE-TO-CUE! In fact, WE HAVE NOT EVEN STARTED ACT TWO (my act) OF THE CUE-TO-CUE. We are so fucked.

But we'll have tomorrow to finish that. And Saturday we'll get in two runs (*crosses fingers*) and Monday we'll have our final dress.

Then Tuesday we open. And of course, Mark Medoff is coming to opening night. The fucking playwrite is going to see our production in shambles.

BUT!!! We flew people today. We spent several thousand dollars on renting and hooking up a fly system, and we can now fly people. The swans will be flying. And it will look damn cool.

School = fine. No homework. Trying to get Chazz and Pat to come with to Iowa the third weekend in November. Rob is going, but he's driving down with his mom, and I don't want to be in a car with the two of them for hours. However, I also don't really want to be in a car alone for hours. So I want Chazz and Phatty to come with me. :-)

Now I need to pee and send out a STUNTS Board email. Rehearsals start a week from Monday. The day of Fall Play strike. Yay for one show after another!
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Wenn sich lieb und kraft vermalain

pronounced: Venn zeek leept oon kraft fair-may-lin...or something like that

In Chorus, we currently have 3 songs. In 4 languages. German, French (or Latin...the choir is split in two for this one), Hebrew and English. Gotta love the concerts were Mrs. Akers decides she wants foreign languages.


Whenever I eat cookie dough ice cream, I feel like an archaeologist. Mmmm...cookie chunks...


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And you must all go to this site and click on the pink ribbon!!! NOW!!!


They donate $1 for every click on the ribbon, so get clickin'!! October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month...I've been wearing my pink ribbon (pin) every day.


S'all folks!
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