October 10th, 2002

Alanis - Unsexy

There's a difference between living and living well...

Morning. Blah.

Because I've been getting to bed "early" (sometime between 9 and 10:15 every night), I keep waking up before my alarm.

I guess it's good. I have extra time to get ready, and there for time to read my friends page and update my journal.

My parents leave to go out of town tomorrow. A wedding...or something. And my dad is sort of dressed up today. Like...non-work clothes, and he hasn't left yet, so I'm thinking he's not working. Whatever, I'll be leaving soon for school anyhow.

And according to this: gailmarie is a housebrick that keeps your teeth clean and never needs repairing.

I'm so multi-purpose!

Alright, so I'm going to get moving now. My hair is rather bleh today, but I look really cute in my new yellow ribbed turtleneck and my really really dark jeans. So maybe this can make me feel better?
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    Some country song in my head...I think?

You look familiar...like your dead girlfriend

My Senior pictures came in the mail today. Yay. (May scan and post...at some point??)

The day was fine. Started badly, is getting better.

Rehearsal on Saturday starts at 9. Ewww! But I'll probably be out by noon? *crosses fingers*

Parents leave tomorrow around noon. Thank god!!!

I again have no homework (I finished at school). Friends and CSI!!! Whoo!!!!

This is me going away now. Ta ta, my fine, feathered friends.
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    Light My Candle - RENT (in head...oh, it's been a while!)