October 7th, 2002

Alanis - Unsexy

Tie me to the bedpost


Alright, so right away I am refusing to take responsibility for anything I say here now. I'm probably not actually awake so much, or just really shouldn't be. So there. Not my fault. Whatever I say.

Originally, I went to bed at 9. I woke up a little bit ago, so I've gotten a few hours of sleep, but I feel like absolute crap right now. My throat especially hurts like hell, so I'm now drinking ice water (though I should probably be drinking something with vitamin C).

And my tummy's a bit squeamish. Not like I'm going to be sick, but like I need to burp a few times or eat something calming to settle it.

So now it's 1am, I'm not feeling good, I have 6 more hours until my alarm goes off, and I've only gotten 3 and a half hours of sleep so far.

Can today be my sick day? Call in and then lounge around the house for a while. Make chicken noodle soup for lunch, and watch as many cartoons as I can...because I can.

Mmm...sick day...

*sigh* It won't happen.
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I'm getting older too...


My house is infested with these damn little fruit fly things!! It's so disgusting! They are everywhere!!! Kitchen, bathrooms, my bedroom in the basement.

What the fuck????

My mother blames it on my father, but then again...she blames a lot of things on him. So.

I just want them gone! It's so gross!!!


And now I think I'm going back to bed. Goodnight moon.
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    Landslide - Dixie Chicks (yes...STILL in my head)

Well I've been afraid of changin' cause I've built my life around you


My mother pisses me off to no end. And she's made me cry again today. Bitch.

In other news, school was fine. Rehearsal was funny as hell. I'm getting (or have been for a while) sick and my throat hurts. I need a nap.

cicigreen, I can't come over tonight to watch CSI: Miami. I have a doctor's appointment. Sorry!!

I'm going to go eat dinner and work off steam.
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    Landslide - Dixie Chicks (in head)

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Extreme randomness:

-That damn Dixie Chicks song ("Landslide") has been stuck in my head for the past 24+ hours.

-In a thriving economy, the more money you have and spend, the more money you will get back. The same is true for friends...(put forth the effort and you will be rewarded).

-No one should have to wake up before 8:30...ever. My alarm goes off at 7:15. Grrr...

-I don't get Columbus Day off of school, but fear not! Veterans' Day is all mine!!

-Doctor Lady #2 was fine.

-Friday, I'm going to rehearsal, then going to dinner with the cast, followed by the entire cast going to see the One-Acts. After, I will have a shindig at my house because the parents are out of town. Damn straight.

-Saturday, Candace and I might be going up to Kenosha to get Fazoli's. Seriously...45 minutes is a small price to pay for those breadsticks and that pasta!!

-Apple + Fruit Medley V-8 Splash = banana??? [I don't get it either, but my breath agrees...]

I'm done. Might be heading to bed soon...might.
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