October 2nd, 2002

Baby you're a big star now

You've gotta make a decision. Leave tonight or live and die this way


15 minutes ago, I woke up. Completely and totally just woke up. I'm tired, but can't really sleep.

So I tossed and turned. Decided to get up and get water, because I was really thirsty.

Went to the bathroom and walked around a bit.

Then I checked my email [none :( ]. And I read my friends page. And I guess I'll try sleeping again.

I don't get it. I figured with having to be up a full 2-3 hours earlier than the last two days, that I'd be really tired and everything. This is just bizarre.

I'm going to go try to sleep again.

At least my kitty is keeping me company... :-\
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Just a trick of the woods

I don't want to jinx it...but it's raining today, and I hope it might rain ALL day.

I love rain.

*happy sigh*

Also: when I get up at 2am to read my friends page, it makes it actually possible to read and then update quickly in the morning before school.

However, I am NOT planning on making this a habit.
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At night she lies awake and she wonders 'Why can't that be me?'

Surprisingly good day.

I really like my IU Hoosiers shirt I was wearing today. Though it was a constant reminder that on October 16th, I will know if I got in. *eeps!*

Finished my English homework...half yesterday because I'm a good kid and the other have during my free period this morning.

Handed in my APES paper...and need to do a bibliography to turn in tomorrow. Whoops. Also finished the annotation homework in class today. I'm such a bad kid.

And then!! Funny story!

Whitney is one of the sophomores in my Theatre 1,2 class...
Whitney: Do you know Jason Crystal?
Me: *caught off guard* ...yes?
Whitney: I was reading his quotes page. You have a really dirty mouth.
Me: *laughs nervously* Oh. Yeah, we are really good friends. How do you know him? Becca?
Whitney: Yeah, I'm friends with Becca. And I practically lived at their house. He's evil.
Me: Jason's evil? *laugh*
Whitney: Ask him about me. He'll probably say he hates me.
Me: Well, I definitely will.

Must remember to tell him about that. And it totally caught me off guard that my kids would find out that I'm not as nice as I seem! Eep! I think it was the "It doesn't take a lot to get a boy excited" quote that did me in. Whoops.

And rehearsal was fine. Cast lacks focus and cohesiveness. Will terribly ruin the show if we don't brush up on that. But during it, the Senior Teachers set up and decorated the Theatre Board. Yay!! But I need to take pictures of my class.

WEST WING WEDNESDAY!!!! I'm going to go make dinner and then watch. *is excited*
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I'm still waiting for you and I guess that I will...

Watched West Wing. So good. So much love for that show. Seriously...every time I watch it, I love it that much more. Toby! Josh! CJ! Donna!! Whee!

Although I must say, I don't like Lily Tomlin and as far as Josh's ex...I'm glad he left her standing on the floor of the HoB. Even if she did say "I miss you" which almost made me cry. Bitch.

TOMORROW!!! It's class color day. That means that Seniors wear all black. Why? Because we can. Because we're cool. Because we are in charge and not afraid to show it.


And this is Gail on crack, trying to find something better to do with her Wednesday night than go to bed incredibly early.
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Alanis - Unsexy

Your hair, it's everywhere. Screaming infidelities and taking it's wear


I was reading posts of mine from back in July. Fucked up, yo.

It's hard to think that things were two months ago though. Like I gave up caffeine at the end of June and it's October already. And I still remember Rob's 4th of July picnic really well...and yet it was a long time ago.

Time flies.

And I miss summer.

And I should really get to bed.

SHORT DAY TOMORROW!!! WOO! It's parent night, so school gets out at 1:53...32 minute periods. Coolio.

And the weekend. Shit, it's going to be huge. Senior year Pep-Rally Friday Night. Then the Homecoming Game and Dance the next night, and of course all the festivities surrounding that.

I'm gonna sleep now. :)
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(no subject)

Alright, so maybe Whitney was right when she said I had a dirty mouth...

I decided to check just what she may have read that I said, because I was sure things couldn't have been that inappropriate.

The classics (as quoted by Gail on jasoncrystal.com):

"It doesn't take a lot to get a boy excited."

Jason: We should go to Baker's Square and get pie!
Chazz: What's 'pie' a codeword for? Water?
Jason: Fat?
Gail: Laid?

Carly: Does Charlie really enjoy classical music?
Gail: Yeah...he listens to a lot of weird shit.

"The way I see it: I have the rest of my life to get drunk and see naked men."

"I hope Charlie disappears so that I can spread my legs."

"Bitner thinks I'm a whore. That makes me happy."

"Can I be your piano bitch?"

What? Is this not me being a good example to the kids?
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