October 1st, 2002


Did I abuse her or show her distain? Why does she run from me?

Yes. I'm still on my Into the Woods kick. I can't help it, it's just whatever floats around my head, and recently it's been a cornucopia of Sondheim.


I should still be sleeping. For about another hour. But Mama decided to do laundry this morning. Grrr...

And I don't know what to wear for 80's day.

And I'm still waiting.

This day is not shaping up so well.
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Comes the day you'll say "What for?" Please...no more

Today is my nephew's birthday. He turns 9. He's in 3rd grade and that was the age I was when he was born.

Time really does fly.

This is my last post before school. I have a class at 10am. Chorus, but still. That's fun. Then free. Theoretically, I probably could have ditched chorus and slept until noon. But that would have been bad of me, and it's not like I wouldn't have been up anyway.

My 80's day consists of a side-tail and wearing a shirt with orange in it. Yeah...I'm creative. :p

I may send out an email later. Light-hearted and a "hey, what's going on?" Just because I can't stand the wait.

That's all. Me and my bag of Corn Pops are going to get to school now. I'll still be early, but whatever. It's always fun to hang out at our lockers.
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Kiss me, it's beginning to snow

Today was the day of doing things I didn't necessarily want to do.

1) Wrote an apology on behalf of STUNTS Board for not cleaning up in a room we used for auditions.

2) Called Dr. Lady #2

3) Took on responsibility to video tape the Fall Play run-through.

4) Took on responsibility to ensure the cast signs a poster for Mark Medoff.

5) Took on a position as theatre liaison for some student activities group with representatives from each organization. (I don't really get it yet either...)

6) Made myself dinner since the parents weren't home.

7) Took a phone call and message for my father because the parents weren't home.

8) Added quotes to the quote page on Jason's website.

9) Made a bigger deal out of everything I've done for the purpose of being pitied.

10) Semi-swallowed my pride and sent a little email. So afraid it will be misconstrued or open a can of worms I'm not ready to deal with. But. I'm tired. Of. Waiting.

Yeah...I really have to go write my APES paper now. Anybody know anything about Hill's Thistle? No? Didn't think so...
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You've got a fast car. Is it fast enough so we can fly away?

Things are looking up.

Doctor Lady #2 called me back and I set up my next appointment. All by myself. I'm actually really proud of me for this, even if no one else is.

And I sent out the email I've been fretting about for the past day. And all is looking good. Smiling and happy, and such. Confusing as fuck if you try to dig deeper, but the immediate threat seems to be gone. So yay.

And I finished my AP Environmental Science paper. It sucked a lot, but I finally found a site to give me the information I needed and I stretched a few facts here and there to make it all work. And my sketched of the thistle turned out pretty good.

I'm also showered. And feeling pretty good. I've been struggling with the beginnings of a cold (like everyone else), but I think I'll be fine.

And I washed the shirt I'm going to wear for jersey day tomorrow. Not quite a "jersey" per se...but it's from Indiana University and it says "Indiana Hoosiers" on it, so I figure it's close enough.

My computer has been giving me some problems tonight (I've already had to reboot once, and Explorer is giving me an error message), but I've been able to save and send everything before doom struck.

So I guess overall, I have been both accomplished and lucky today. Happy October.
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