September 28th, 2002

Alanis - Unsexy

...a clock that's flashing 8's

I have random Dashboard Confessional as well as Spice Girls in my head.

Seriously...don't ask.

Today was uber busy. Got to school and noticed a mass decoration of the lockers in process.

Fuck. Allie's birthday tomorrow and I forgot to make signs. Am I not the worst friend in the world? Yay...another thing to feel guilty about.

So the day went. It was dull, but moved swiftly. I got to go to crew today! Whee! (I'll be at rehearsal tomorrow from noon until 5. Bleh.)

After crew, it was around 6 and I mentioned actually leaving for once. And I was serious. Every night I'm here long past the time I should be, and it generally ends up being only me and a couple other people and Eric, or just me and Eric. Well...everyone ended up leaving around 6:10, which is impressive because we all have a way of just staying. Then we started talking, and he showed me the list of STUNTS Original Acts that had been decided. Finding a flaw, he called Tania, and then Goldberg to make sure things were fixed by the time the posting went up a little before 9 tonight. It's amazing how political things get when it comes to shit like this. Overall though, we have a good blend for a variety show. A couple dances, some skits, a few solo artists, not too many bands and all fitting into a show that (with the addition of Musical Theatre Troupe and Band segue pieces) won't be any longer than 90 minutes.

So that was done.

At 7:25 I realized that I had to be at Allie's in 5 minutes for her little birthday shindig, so Eric and I left. Him to go home and post to the STUNTS site and then go to a movie with Bridgette. Me to go home and drop off school stuff before heading to Allie's.

Her thing was fun. I was impressed with Charley and Rob's ability to get Garvey and Pat to come. Goldy was also there, and Candace, Aaron, Caitlin, Amanda and Ben. Later, Zoe, Ali and Michelle showed up.

At the very end, it was just Allie, Zoe and I sitting around for a while. Al and I were just about falling asleep, but tried to keep up with conversation anyhow. I decided to call it quits at 12:45, and drove Zoe home and then got home myself.

I love it. The house is empty. I was in charge of turning off the outside lights and turning on inside ones (in case I need to get up in the night) and do everything all grown-up like. I always mention how much I love this and I really do. Provided that the reason I have to is because parents aren't here. If they are, then they better damn-well do dishes and laundry and take care of lights and locking up. Alone, I am more than happy to do any and all of these tasks. Yes, I'm weird.

-Rehearsal (noon to 5)
-Go with Candace to buy boutonnieres
-Go buy a Homecoming dress
-Invite people over to chill with me while alone in my house.

My best friend turns 18 today. I've known her since we were 8. God, times change. And my birthday is only in another 5 weeks. Crazy.
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Sometimes people leave you, half-way through the woods

I am surprisingly up and showered.

After going to bed around 1:45 last night, I woke up bright and early at 8am...3 hours before my alarm was set to go off.

Oh well. I decided to get up and shower and go Homecoming dress shopping until noon when I have to be at school for rehearsal.

Gooooood morning!
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People make mistakes...fathers, mothers, people make mistakes

I got a dress!!!

And a purse!!!

And I already know what shoes I'm going to wear, so yay!!!

It was $80 from Charlotte Russe. It's sort of a flowery-swirl pattern in grays, blues and black. Very cool. And has fun fringy stuff at the bottom. Whee!!

Now I must go make lunch and eat it before rehearsal in 45 minutes. Ahh!
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You are not alone. No one is alone

Rehearsal = blah today.

Stage it was really cool. But there was nothing for me to do. NOTHING. It was so completely pointless for me to even be there. And Carl wasn't even there, which was both crazy and random.

But I actually left school while it was still light outside!!!

Like! Natural sunlight!! It was incredible.

Bwahaha. And now, I wait for Candace to get home so she and I can go boutonniere shopping, and then get Chinese for dinner.

Yum! Chinese!!
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