September 24th, 2002


I'm a bad boy cause I don't even miss her. I'm a bad boy for breaking her heart


STUNTS auditions today. Fuckers lasted until 8. 4 hours of auditioning annoying and whiny high school kids!

Overall, it actually wasn't too bad, especially once we got in the hang of things and semi-organized. But if that doesn't grate your nerves...I don't know what will.

Cast list will be posted Friday at 9pm online...and I have no say in which acts get in.

Anywho, after 8, a few of us sat around talking. At the end, it was just Eric, Sam and I who had been sitting there for two hours. It was amazing.

And now for the incredibly random:
-I'm shirtless right now. Go me.
-Tom Petty is stuck in my head
-Wait...strike that. "Out on the Myra" a song we sang for the Potpourri Concert freshman year is stuck in my head. Oy!

I'm so not in the mood to continue this update, so I'm going away now. Probably to bed soon...depending.
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    Free Falling - Tom Petty (in head)