September 17th, 2002

Alanis - Unsexy

When the road looks rough ahead, and you're miles and miles from your nice warm bed

Today has been.

A day.

It would have been bad had it not been for the 4 free periods I had.

1. English
2. Free
3. Company (Theatre 5,6)
4. Free (it's Outdoor Adventure [gym] but there was a field trip today that I didn't go on)
5. Chorale
6. Free
7. AP Environmental Science
8. Off-labs/Free
9. Theatre 1,2 Senior teaching class.

So 5 classes...three of which were fine arts. Score.

Tomorrow I have a field trip from 2nd through 9th. Sweet.

Watch Monsters, Inc. (which Mama bought for me), while eating pizza and doing what little homework I have.

And because I'm a lemming...
Ask me any question in the world and I will answer honestly.
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