September 4th, 2002


When there's you, I feel whole and there's no better feeling in the world

First day of school over.

God, I'm tired. It was tooooooo loooooong.

Yeah. I know. I had 15 minute class periods.

And two free periods.

And only two solids. But AP Environmental Science (APES) was a double lab period! 30 minutes!!

Yeah. I'm going to die.

But! Chorale is HUGE! over 130 people. It's insane. It's only junior and senior girls and sophomore, junior and senior guys. HUGE. It'll be interesting.

And yay for Company. Love theatre.

AND!!! I have a Theatre 1,2 class! So many freshman! And some sophomores. And one senior. Heh. But!! Yay!! And I'm teaching with Aron, which isn't bad. And I'm enjoying Susan a bit more now.



I got my parking permit. Must put on car. Must also decorate for STUNTS. Must get emissions tested. Must buy supplies for APES. (We need a "field bag"...apparently we're going outside A LOT and taking a TON of field trips. One next Monday (only for our two class periods), then an all-day one in a couple weeks to the Botanic Gardens. Woo!)

Oh, and I was supposed to be planning this lunch thing, and was totally ditched. I'm less pissed, more disappointed though. I guess that's good.

So yes.

Leaving to do stuff. Later all!
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I want my baby back...


The day has been so busy and so not, that it's just insane.

I'm stuck somewhere between feeling rushed and realizing that I have nothing to be rushed about.

I sort of already did this, but what the hey.
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That was the school part. Now real life.

After the lunch incident, I went to get my vehicle emissions test done. Scary people, but my guy had the cutest British accent! Whee!

And my Baby passed. She's so good to me.

After, I went to Michael's and Target in Vernon Hills to pick up some school supplies. We need really random stuff for APES like sun screen, bug spray, 3 different pencils (different grade, width, whatever those are categorized by), colored pencils, tape and stapler.

Okay, so not really random. But the different grade pencils is sort of crazy.

Then I came home. Had a bit of lunch. Napped. Not well, either. I woke up really dazed and yucky.


But Jason and Candace were planning some Starfarers action, so we went there. We played two games of the afore mentioned (I won both. Go me) and one game of Settlers between. (Lost that one. Boo.)

And now I'm home. Far too early, in my opinion. What am I going to do for the rest of the night?

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Lay me down in the circle where the spotlight shines.


Well, I did my "homework". I found a couple pictures to use for English. And I took all the supplies I bought for APES and put them in my messenger bag (which still has stuff from last year in it. Whoops!).

Not feeling the best. Physically I'm fine, just mood wise. Not so good.

I've been told to go to sleep. I don't know if I should.

I'm showered though. Nice and clean and ready for a new day. (And I smell pretty too. I love our Dove soap.)

So. That's all. You are all better people for knowing all this. Congratulations.
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(no subject)

I'm shivering. We'll say that I'm "cold".

Read some more of Blonde. Yes. I'm still reading it. It's long I tell you! But I'm on page 300 of 740. So. Getting there. Not quite half-way yet, but at least I'm more than a third.

Slowly. Very slowly.

If I went to bed now, I could get 9 hours of sleep. Hmm.

I don't know if I'm going to leave at 3:45 on Friday to visit Fayanne, or if I'll wait until after 6. I can't really leave anytime between those because traffic will be a bear. So...? If I wait, I can go to crew. If not, then I don't drive in the dark.

It's a toss-up. I'll decide soon enough. I bought batteries today to ensure that my CD player doesn't die during the 7-hour round-trip excursion I'll be taking. That would suck a lot.

This is me finding some way to be productive. Or to feel better. Whatever.
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Are you gonna make me yours or do I make you mine?

It feels like it should be 2am. Or at least midnight. And that the reason I'm not sleeping is insomnia.

Not whatever the hell is actually going on.

I should be careful though, or before I know it, it will be 2am, and I'll be regretting not going to bed earlier.
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