August 29th, 2002


They call me freeeeeeee, but I call me a fool

I'm thinking I may head to bed soon.

I'm a bit tired, but mostly bored. I tried reading, but I'm too restless for that right now. Couldn't quite concentrate. This leads me to believe there's no way in hell I'll be able to sleep, but whatever.

I have to be up at 11:30. Play rehearsal is at 12:30 until 2. Then I have to be back at school around 4:15 for another Freshman Theatre Informational Meeting thing.

Hopefully in the couple hours I have between, I'll come home and kick my butt until I make those STUNTS Calendars. Umm...whoops.

Talk about cutting things close, eh?

Note one: Try to get Rob to plan his barbecue for Sunday so I have a reason not to go to the picnic thing Mommy is planning for Annette (cousin from Florida).

Note two: Find a reason not to go to Navy Pier Saturday without looking suspicious. Perhaps you should work on catching a really bad cold. [Make sure it's a better excuse than "I don't have money to go to Lazer Zone" or "I don't get along well with the people going". Those didn't work well for tonight and I got yelled at. Twice.]

Oy. Horrible person, I am.
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All this time spinning past till they leave you far behind

I'm tired, but far from sleeping.

In actuality, I need to be up in a little over 7 hours, so I should get to bed.

And I will. Soon.

But I was reading entries from the past couple days. I've just been really pensive lately. Can't stop thinking and it's not necessarily all bad. Just.

A lot on my mind.

Which I am assailing to get some shut eye. Goodnight and lots of love.

Edit: I think this is one of my favorite away messages I've written. "I watched a movie once called Dreams of an was nothing like this." Eh, it's something.
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Baby you're a big star now

All the more I want, all the more I need

I'm up.

Entirely all too early.

I only got 6 and a half hours of sleep. Eww.

And I woke up hearing footsteps upstairs. "Oh no. Daddy's not working for the third day in a row."

Good news: Daddy is working.
Bad news: Mommy is not.


Might shower soon to get it out of the way. Don't have anywhere to be until about 12:15.

So. Later all.
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I played your silly games all right, didn't I?

God, I've been so busy, I've barely updated today.

I'm sure you're all so sad about that...

Anywho. I worked on the STUNTS Calendar. Figured it all out, got all the dates in, for the most part it looks great.

Then I realize I'm almost running late for Rehearsal, so I get my ass in gear, figure I'll print it later, and leave.

Rehearsal was fine. We finished the read through, talked a bit about the central message and theme (everyone has a bit of "hero" in them, but to find it you must take risks and care for others before yourself). All's well, we ended a bit early. Yay.

So I come home to try to print the calendar. Fucking printer on that computer doesn't work!!

Fine. I'll use the network and set up my printer (which does work) on that computer and all will be well.

Wrong. That computer won't recognize this printer.

There's no way to save the file and send it here. There is a way to export it...but I need the Office 2000 disk...and Jason took it back. >:(

So I have the calendar...I just can't move it or save it or print it off that computer. It's driving me nuts!

And in about an hour, I have to go back to school for another Freshman Theatre info meeting. And stop by the CCRC to see if Indiana and Missouri are in yet. Oy!

I'm ready for a nap!!!
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The best things in life are free, but you can give them to the birds and bees

Unlike the rest of the world...I'm not watching the VMAs.

I know! The horror!

But Dace and I are trying to find people to go out with. Chazz, Rob and Jason were stolen by Pat to play frisbee and hang out. Because it's Pat, we aren't invited because we aren't guys.

John has work tonight, so he couldn't go, so we were talking to him for a while. He explained why Pat doesn't like hanging out with girls.

"Well, you see, when he was a small child ::insert sad childhood story here:: and he has never liked girls since"

Thanks John. Actually, he did give us all the info about frisbee at Pat's. We knew about frisbee and that was it.

So for a bit we abused Pat's away message, then he signed off. With any luck, those cold-hearted bastards will feel guilt or remorse and call us later. Most likely not.

I abused Jason's away message a bit.

I wouldn't say I'm a feminist. Liberation has been had. Women's movements have been had. The 70's were had, and now women make about 97 cents to every dollar a man makes. Not fucking bad. At this point, I just have an expectation that discrimination wouldn't exist. There's no reason I shouldn't be Producer of STUNTS, despite the last few years having males in charge (I believe...)

So yay. Go liberation. Go equal treatment.

Boo Pat for not liking girls. Obviously this is a completely different topic than gaining the right to vote, but still. I feel like I'm being left out because of my gender and that sucks some major ass.

So once again....BOOOOO!
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