August 27th, 2002


I've got a love-a-ly bunch of coconuts

I have a headache.

And almost plummeted to some mega-pain and suffering by tripping down my basement stairs. Ouch. And I'm a smart one.

Speaking of me being smart...
quesoconjamon: i can't fool you
honeygailmarie: Nope. I'm sharp as a tack
honeygailmarie: ...that's been pushed in and out of cork a lot
quesoconjamon: lol
honeygailmarie: And probably lost a bit of the sharpness
honeygailmarie: Well, it happens

OSXpert: never hit a man with glasses
OSXpert: hit him with a baseball bat!

Oh, quesoconjamon is Sam and OSXpert is John (Garvey). Yeah, I'm too lazy to change those.

And...I mentioned I have a headache, yes? Oy. Now I'm just losing my mind.

But I've showered. So I can sleep later in the morning. Book sale. Freshman info meeting. Fall play rehearsal.

Tomorrow's going to be brutal.

I should sleep.

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I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end

Gotta love days when you leave the house at 8:30 and don't get home until 2:30.


Book sale went fine. Not quite as long of lines as I thought. Got my 5 books (two were novel-esque) so yay! Basically, I have no books, because basically...I have no classes.


Also got a parking pass, and paid for cap and gown. Oh right. Graduation. Senior year. It's all coming together now.

From there, we went to the freshman informational theatre meeting. We're there at 9:45, expecting it to start at 10. The entire STUNTS Board is there. Eric is there. Carl is there.

No freshman.

We wait around. We chat, we have a few laughs.

At 10:20, people start trickling in. Apparently the calendar thing sent home to parents said the meeting was at 10:30.

We had an amazing turn out. Especially considering we didn't make any calls to the incoming freshman who showed interest last May at Activities Night..


So that meeting was fun. I love being around new freshman and it was just so great. I got used as an example for a lot of things. I explained STUNTS (because I'm in charge of it) and was a prime example of "Cross-over artist". I've been on stage, I've been backstage. I've done it all. So yay. I swear, parts of the meeting were "inflate Gail's ego" time. Eric said that for STUNTS I was the closest to "adult" with all the powers I hold over it and Carl said "Oh please, she is an adult."


I am loved in the theatre program. This is why I will be spending my life in the fine arts wing this year.

After, Carly (Schoey), Candace and I picked up lunch from Upper Crust (mmm...bagel sandwich) and some smoothies from Parson's and headed back toward school. We had about 20 minutes before the fall play rehearsal for Carly and I, and Candace was going to eat with us before leaving. So we sat in the Studio and lunched and chatted and such.

At 12:30, we started rehearsal, which was just a basic read-through of the play (Stefanie Hero by Mark Medoff). We will actually be working with Mark on a few days to help us with our understanding of the play. !!!! Uber-cool.

It ended almost promptly at two and we all parted ways around then. Carly drove me home (since Candace had given me a ride to school early this morning) as well as another girl. More of that to come...perhaps.

Anywho. I'm home now. And bored. And I have James Taylor stuck in my head.

Notes to self:
-Rehearsal Thursday (12:30-2 again)
-Remind Carly to bring Car Chalk for the Board
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Hey monkey, where you been? This lonely spiral I've been in

Watch me spam and ramble a bit more.


So the friend's page wasn't too long. I was thinking about skimming, but I would hope that some people take the time to read my entires, so I may as well take the time with theirs.

Even the cut-away stuff.

If it's important to someone else, I may as well respect and acknowledge that.


Out of curiosity (and because I'm a lemming)...
Do I have any lurkers out there? Anyone come and read my journal that I don't know about? You aren't on my "friends of" list or whatever?

I know, I know. It killed the cat, I shouldn't ask such things. But I'd like to know.


I checked my voice mail for the first time in a few weeks and had one message. From Thursday, August 15th. Whoops.

It was Jenny, and she had tried my cell after, so I talked to her. But it made me happy for the tiniest bit. Of course, she's in Miami right now. Evil college.

But. I value my friends a lot. Some of them in different ways or different amounts than others. And maybe I like that some people know less about me than others, but accept me all the same.

And I've been thinking of friends a lot lately. Basically I feel like I've been a shitty one to a lot of people. And I'm only half-trying to work that all out.


In avoiding that topic, I end it here.
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One of us is crying, one of us is lying in her lonely bed

5:55...make a wish.

*makes wish*


Anywho. My computer (the one in my room) seems to have developed this thing. Where it doesn't like connecting to the internet. I can go on AIM, yeah, sure, fine.

But no internet.

At least I have this (nice, pretty, new) computer to use for updates and such.

And what a thrilling one this is, eh?

Parents want to know if I want to go to dinner with them again. How do I tell them politely that I'd rather gouge out my eyes than go to dinner alone with them?? Any thoughts or suggestions on this are appreciated...

I also have developed the habit of leaving AIM and not putting up an away message. Oops.

And I should learn that naps make me feel crappy, not better, so no matter how tired I am...RESIST THE URGE TO SLEEP!!!
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The end is coming, she don't even feel it

I feel sick.

I have a headache (I've been clenching my teeth again. *sigh*).

There's only one person on the face of this earth that I want to talk to right now.

And that person has gone missing.

Edit: And now I'm crying. I love nights like this.
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Your body is a wonderland...


The evening was okay. We hung out at Lindsay's while she packed all the stuff to go back to college. She leaves for Michigan on Friday, so this was probably the last I'll see of her until Thanksgiving. :(

We played Scrabble (yay!) and had a pillow fight.

I don't think I've ever had a pillow fight before. I wish I had. I think I was a pretty deprived child for obvious reasons.

Now I'm home and it's hot as hell down here. The basement is HUMID as fuck, but the parents won't turn on the air because it's fine upstairs.


They are asleep anyway. Not like they would ever stay up to see me get in at night. Yeah, well.

It makes me independent.

And I covet independence.

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I really really really need a raincoat


Why won't my IE work? Why doesn't my Outlook Express work? WHEN AIM WORKS????

It's not the modem, because this computer works too.

It's not the connection to the computer because AIM works.


This think has been giving me more problems lately than it's worth!! Hunk of junk!!! It's only ...what? 3 years old?

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