August 25th, 2002


Money, money, money, must be sunny, in a rich man's world

My evening:

Went to Potbelly for dinner with Candace and Jason. Came back to my lovely house to hang out. We played Trivial Pursuit, then went to Jason's to pick up his new laptop and bring it over. He was having withdrawls. ;)

So we got back here and hooked it up to my cable modem and played around on the new OS X v. 10.2. I really really really want a PowerBook. I have since last year, but now I want one even more. It's fucking awesome.

Carly and Allie both came over a bit later (they were out to dinner with their respective families) and the 5 of us just hung around.

Oh! And I now have Office 2000 on both computers! Previously, it was '97. Yes...'97. Even the Windows XP came with that. I was both shocked and appalled. The nerve!

But yes. As a matter of fact, Jason left the Office 2000 CD here.

So yeah. We were geeky tonight. Whee for new toys!

And we listened to the music of Mamma Mia!. That's right. The Broadway stage sensation based on the music of ABBA! It was amazing.

La la la. I'm done here.
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I should tell you, I should tell you

Read a bit more of Blonde. I was really hoping to finish it this summer, but I only have about a week and a half left, and I still have about 500 pages left. I've only read 250.


I wish I was a faster reader.

It's so good, but so long and so very in-depth.

Debating whether I should go to bed or not. I was thinking I would, but now I'm considering watching a movie instead. I wonder if I really am an insomniac, or if I just have insomniac tendencies. Hmm...
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Baby you're a big star now

(no subject)

Despite being halfway through Empire Records already, I think I'm going to bed now.

I'm sleepy. So yes. Night night time.
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(no subject)

I finished watching Empire Records, and I've showered and am eating lunch.

Talk about being productive.

I think most of my guy friends are at the White Sox game today. Boooo! (Both because they are gone, and because it's the Sox. Eww. It's all about the Cubs, yo.)


I'm trying to figure out what to do today. Any suggestions?

Oh! And remember how I was complaining that they changed my schedule without me knowing about it? Yeah, well I just realized that it's even more fucked up.

I have Economics and American Foreign Policy second semester. They are both 1 semester Social Studies classes that I was supposed to have opposite each other. Instead, I have two free periods first semester and none second.

NO FREE PERIODS SECOND SEMESTER OF MY SENIOR YEAR. This was the reason I dropped French. Fuckers.

And me, being the crazy idiot that I am, is actually considering taking up another course. A semester of Issues in Modern American Society during one of my free periods.

Yeah. I'm insane. But ooo! It would be fun. I might have to go to arena tomorrow to see if I can work that all out. I don't much believe in free periods, anyhow. Other than last year second semester, I've never had more than one, and generally haven't had any. (Last year, I had two. 1st and I came late and left early. It was sweet.)

Heh. If I do that, I graduate having taken 4 and a half years of Social Studies. Woo!

Yeah. This is me going away now.
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Eggplant caviar for you

I'm boooooooooooored.

And I've already done a bit of file cleaning on a couple disks and various folders of mine.

You know it's bad when I start cleaning the computer files. *sigh*

And I've been rolling my tongue an obscene amount lately. Just thought y'all should know.
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La la la-la-la la!

(In case you couldn't tell...that was Smurfette's song...)

I'm bored.

Just got back from running some food up to Cici, and hanging out there for a bit. Daddy was surprised that I got home so quickly. Hee. I usually end up gone all night when I go over there.

But I'm really REALLY tired, so I'm gonna nap. Mmm...sleep...
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(no subject)

So instead of napping, I moved a dresser.

Bridgette called from Elliott's saying that they needed help and could I pick up Lindsay and get to his (parent's) house.

So that's what I did. Charlie and Goldy came a bit later and we all hung out for a while until we got kicked out because it was dinner time.

And now I'm home. A bit tired, but not wanting to stay at home (alone) tonight because I've been doing that a lot lately.
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I've been a long time gone, and I ain't comin' back again

Mama bought me a throw pillow.


Okay. It sort of matches my room, but it's a bit too dark. And so very random. *sigh* I guess this means I'm not getting new sheets anytime soon.

And I just took a really good nap from about 7 until 8:30. So I sort of slept though dinner. And now I'm very groggy and won't be sleeping until forever. I already brushed my teeth, but I still have an icky taste in my mouth. Eww.

But the throw pillow is chenille, so it's really soft. *shrugs* Yeah.
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Because reason says I should die three years ago...

I've been wearing my STUNTS '99 "Are We There Yet?" shirt a lot lately.

Because it's not sweatshirt weather yet. Hell, it's only 72 degrees right now.

But I still get cold. And it's long sleeved and purple and comfy and the best show shirt of my entire high school career. So it's been keeping me warm lately.

Sit back, relax. We'll take you on a journey.
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Mark, you're gonna want to get this on film

Despite my better judgment (or perhaps due to my better judgment), I'm eating dinner.

I generally try not to eat after 8pm, because it's not healthy. But I figured that I'm going to be awake for long enough that it shouldn't matter as much. I won't be going to bed on a full stomach, or anything like that.
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I had a dream, a song to sing

Life lesson I discovered this evening: Don't get too attached...because things always must change.

And it was proved. Twice. Within 5 minutes.


This day is just getting shittier and shittier by the minute.

And this is my 13th post of the day. Sorry y'all.
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